Two giant solar flares head to earth

Two large solar flares are rocketing towards Earth but will have little effect.WFLA – by Peter Bernard

Scientists warn two solar flares heading our way are some of the biggest seen in several years.

But what exactly are they?

Jeff Rodgers from the Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton explains solar flares originate in sun spots, and are a wave of charged particles blasted from the surface.  

“It can knock out satellite communications, it can disrupt high frequency radio, which is really dangerous for airplanes,” Rodgers says. “Airplanes use [high frequency radios.] That can have an effect on the power grids as well.”

Eight on your side wanted to know if we should be overly concerned.

Rodgers’ answer when asked what effects we’ll see: “Nothing. We’re not going to see any effects here.”

Solar flares have knocked out power grids in Canada and communication systems can be cut off. But as Rodgers explains, the two that are coming this way will be deflected by the earth’s magnetic shield.

Still, Bay Area power companies are very aware of the incoming solar flares.

A spokesman with Duke Energy tells us – “We are prepared to take action if needed, to protect our systems.”

Teco “sandy soil helps protect Florida.” And Brighthouse Networks….”We don’t anticipate interruptions in our service.”

That’s good news for Earthlings, as this massive solar storm arrives.

“It’s not anything that we need to put tin foil hats on and get under our desks and assume the position,” Rodgers adds. “It’s something we should learn; we should use to learn more about our sun.”

There is something cool about solar flares. The aurora, or “northern lights” should be very active up north.

As for the rest of us, you can rest assured; these two solar flares should pass, without any problems.


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