Tyranny’s Fall

like a blanket the tyranny covers us all
and builds walls to keep us apart
as we eagerly wait for the tyrant to fall
we long for the nation’s new start

And as policemen cause our children to die
congressmen use them for sex
and as the population is living a lie
they cannot fathom what’s next

the elections are rigged and the courts are a crime
jail is for financial gain
the candidates we’re given are grown from slime
and only increase our pain  

the bankers have stolen our national wealth
leaving us nothing to eat
poisonous medicine has destroyed our health
profit is all doctors treat

And the TV has brainwashed the mentally weak
convincing them all is fine
our nation is lost to the laughter they seek
rather than growing a spine

The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights
can try to stand in the way
but they’re nothing unless you are willing to fight
to make sure they’ll always stay

So ready the guns because you must stand your ground
to hold these tyrants at bay
We don’t want this war, but we have all looked around
they’ve left us no other way

We ran to the ballots, and we’ve tried all the judges
we’ve protested in the street.
their arrogant lies answer all our grudges
protesters only get beat

Is it a nation of laws, or one ruled by kings
we’ve already won this fight
but as the sun never shines on any new things
war is again our plight

The game is an old one but the rules are the same
hang together or alone
together we must insure that the beasts are tame
or they’ll kill you in your home

tyranny advances and it will never cease
like any other disease
it makes all of us fight when we only want peace
freedom’s not granted to please

so tell all the people who reside close to you
America’s coming back
It only vanished because we allowed it to
but the tyrants will be sacked

we’ll fight them in the cities, and deep in the woods
and we’ll hunt them where they hide
If we forge ahead bravely and fight for what’s good
we’ll be on the winning side

4 thoughts on “Tyranny’s Fall

  1. Revolution is the only real viable solution left for the citizens to use.The voting is a fraud,the court system is another fraud,the branches of government is all filled with treasonous scoundrels,And take a good look at what law enforcement has turned into in this country,a bunch of mercenaries that think they are god!Whats left if not a revolt? The tree of liberty is screaming to be watered and for sure there are plenty of tyrants to give it a flood!

  2. Thanks, guys, but it’s only good if it helps the cause. From a literary standpoint it’s not very good at all, and I was actually hoping some witless plagiarist would take the blame for writing it.

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