U.N. Gun Ban Passes With Obama’s Support. Is a National Gun Registry coming?

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The U.N. General Assembly has approved a wide-ranging gun control treaty, supported by Barack Obama, that is so radical that even the Democrat controlled Senate voted the treaty down. Some experts fear provisions in the final agreement would lead to unconstitutional national gun registry.

The treaty, the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), requires signatory countries to regulate and control the export of weapons and weapons systems such as missiles, helicopters and tanks. It even restricts sales of spare parts and ammunition.  

The more controversial aspect of the bill is the records keeping requirement. The provision requires countries to keep records of exports and imports of arms as well as the quantity, the value, models and types, and “end users, as appropriate” for a period of ten years.

This, American gun rights advocates say, would force the U.S. to set up a defacto gun registry and would violate our Constitutional rights. Second Amendment supporters demand to know if Obama thinks that a U.N. treaty will trump the U.S. Constitution.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot echoed this concern in a letter sent to the President pointing out that if ratified, the treaty “appears to lay the groundwork for an international gun registry overseen by the bureaucrats at the UN.”

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Despite Obama’s enthusiastic support of this seemingly anti-Constitutional treaty, the Democrat Controlled Senate voted 53-46 in opposition to the it. The non-binding test resolution saw all 45 Republicans and eight democrats join together to oppose the treaty.

Obama has consistently pressed ahead with his support of the U.N.’s ATT despite wide-spread opposition to the treaty in his own country.

Shockingly, even if passed without the U.S. as a signatory, the ATT will have negative effects on Second Amendment rights.


5 thoughts on “U.N. Gun Ban Passes With Obama’s Support. Is a National Gun Registry coming?

  1. Obama is a d#@k, he can go fork himself,

    if the blue helmets show up in your neighborhood, the time for civility is passed.

  2. Isn’t it great how Obama does everything for us? We don’t have to go through Congress or discuss or debate anything or even document anything on paper. Why didn’t we think of this sooner? It took us over 200 years to think of this. Man, I can’t believe how stupid we were all of those years. Now everything make so much sense and I feel SOOoooo much safer. Dear Leader/King Obama has saved us all! Let’s all join Jamie Foxx and sing songs about our lord and savior Barack Obama. (major sarcasm)

    God help us all!

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