U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enters Seas Near Yemen

USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike GroupFree Beacon – by Daniel Bassali

The USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group (TRCSG) joined the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet area of operations, which includes the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and parts of the Indian Ocean, on Tuesday.

The strike group’s arrival comes at a critical time in the region as Saudi Arabia ramps up military operations in Yemen to fight the Houthi rebels backed by Iran. The rebels have toppled the Yemeni government and have forced the president to flea his country.  

On March 25th, Saudi Arabia took action against Iran’s growing influence in the Middle East. Joined by the Egyptians, the major Sunni powers are now creating a coalition that is ready to face off with Iran in Yemen. The U.S., not notified ahead of the Saudi air strikes, will provide military aid in the form of intelligence and logistical support to operations.

“Maintaining a presence, both a naval and air presence, continues the sixty plus year commitment of our nation to support security and stability in the region, which is key to a prosperous global economy,” Capt. Daniel C. Grieco, commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt said. “We can accomplish this by working with our regional partners and allies in order to protect freedom of navigation.”

The Saudi Arabians and their Arab partners are expected to continue their proxy war with Iran in Yemen. The U.S. Navy’s move to position the USS Theodore Roosevelt with the Fifth Fleet can be viewed as a reaction to the increasingly tense situation in the region.

“TRCSG’s presence in the region is part of a long-standing commitment to stability and the free flow of commerce in the region. The strike group will conduct a wide range of operations alongside regional and coalition partners aimed at building trust and cooperation while helping set conditions for regional stability,” the U.S. Navy said in a press release regarding the TRCSG.


4 thoughts on “U.S. Aircraft Carrier Enters Seas Near Yemen

  1. If anyone would like to know more about what the actuall missions for the 5th fleet are, read “The Post-American World” by Fareed Zakaria
    At least google it and see what picture comes up.

    You will find that the #1 roll of the US armed forces in the middle east is to quell insurrection amongst the citizens of saudi arabia. Their are others too.

    1. Hey Ryan, with U.S. and Iranian Naval forces in such close proximity, who knows, are U.S. forces dusting off the Gulf of Tonkin playbook?

  2. Ladies and Gents, the truth is this: all of the worlds leaders are in on this scam to bring about the NWO. They are following a script which WILL bring the world to war, and the only reason for war is to depopulate.
    Just like 9-11 was scripted, just like Pearl Harbor was scripted, just like the latest shooting of the black man who was shot fives times in the back…….ALL OF THESE ARE SCRIPTED in order to form/brainwash your thoughts.
    Nothing in our world is worth ONE THIN DIME, except for us to show love and compassion for our fellow men and women. THAT IS ALL THAT COUNTS. EVERYTHING ELSE is scripted to drive love and compassion for our fellow humans out of existence.
    Iran wants the NWO, America, Russia, China….they’re all following the same scripted act……they are ALL in on “it”. We are being set-up for global depopulation….through war. THIS IS FACT!!!!!

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