U.S. Boy Scouts to change name in appeal to girls


The Boy Scouts of America will drop “boy” from the name of its signature program for older youths as it seeks to widen its appeal to girls, the 108-year-old organization said on Wednesday.

Starting in February 2019, the Boy Scouts program for boys 11 to 17 will be called Scouts BSA. The name of the overall organization will remain Boy Scouts of America.  

More than 3,000 girls have enrolled in the Boy Scouts of America’s Early Adopter Program and are taking part in Cub Scouts ahead of the full integration of girls later this year.

Founded in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America said the rebranding was part of the single-name approach used for Cub Scouts after its historic move last year to admit girls to its program and let them earn the top rank of Eagle Scout.

“As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in scouting in every way possible,” Michael Surbaugh, chief Scout executive of the Boy Scouts of America, said in the statement.

The Boy Scouts of America has lost about a third of its members since 2000, which now stands at about 2.3 million. The organization has said the decision to admit girls to the Cub Scouts was in response to the needs of families and because of dropping membership.

The Boy Scouts last year opted to allow transgender boys to join.

The Boy Scouts of America on Wednesday also unveiled its “Scout Me In” program that features girls along with boys and starts this summer.


22 thoughts on “U.S. Boy Scouts to change name in appeal to girls

  1. meh,
    i was a boy scout. it was a good thing for me and the time i did it but times have changed. one of the things that really urked me was about a year after i left scouts, it turned out that the scoutmaster of many years had been molesting other scouts. freaked me right out.
    since then, i have been questioning their blind devotion to nationalist memes and semi fascist uniforms when my own kids all went through the cubscouts only to quit later because it was just not fitting with modern life. plus they didn’t really do much at the meetings.
    it also seems a bit more fitting to have girls and boys do scouting together like they have in europe for generations.
    i could do with out the gay and transgender indoctrination but i guess that’s the price you pay to keep the numbers up.
    i learned to shoot in the boy scouts. if they let in girls and still keep shooting, archery, camping and survival plus the emphasis on community service i don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    1. Wrong. This is a part of the international communist agenda to make our men into f#@king women, and you are a middle of the road troll, so f#@k off.

      1. i respectfully disagree with some of what you said.

        communist agenda. agree.

        making men into women.the gay and transgender stuff, sure. but lets face it, wouldn’t we all have liked to have girls around at some point when we were scouts?

        not a middle of the road troll. i have posted here many times and agree with much of what is reported. just pointing out the reality of our times.

        shooting, camping, survival and community service. i would much rather see that continue under whatever name. (and girls are better shots than men anyway)or we could just see it all go away. which it will if things don’t change to accommodate the times. i could also do without the gay neckercheifs too. that shit went out with 1930’s when the average soldier still wore those things…..

        1. Shooting, camping, survival, and community service.
          Before the communists started infiltrating this country, fathers and grandfathers taught young boys the ways of nature and what good moral character was.
          You say the times are changing like this is some kind of natural progression. The fact is there is nothing natural about it. A society of men definitely needs a society of women, but to try to pretend that boys and girls can be chums and pee behind the tree together is an affront to nature.
          No, this is not a natural progression and it is repugnant. We need to get rid of all this artificial bullshit and get back to living like natural beings, because to do otherwise, to go against nature, can only lead to our ultimate destruction.

          1. i would have said the same thing but for what i have seen. there is some crossover between the sexes and women are stronger than the old stereotypes told us. i remember when soccer was rammed down the throats of americans in the 70’s as was the metric system. the metric system didn’t take and neither did soccer. but……many people did get interested in soccer. no, it’s not the nfl but it is a good sport if your into that sort of thing. personally i think watching sports is the biggest waste of time in human history….but i took my boys to baseball and soccer and football. there is now, no little league in our area and the high school football teams have had to consolidate for lack of interest. mind you, the screen time and media have taken their toll but i have to tell you, the soccer in the area has taken off. and like it or not as a sport, you have to see how kids get into it. and the girls and boys play together. and they play hard. i would not have believed it if i had not seen it for myself. something is happening between girls and boys doing stuff together that is inspirational. it’s not about sissy crap or tree hugging. it’s just cool as hell to watch little human beings do what they do naturally. kill the messenger all you want, not just you henry, i’m speaking for everyone, human nature is kick ass and men and women and boys and girls can work together in a really good way.

  2. I only joined the Scouts for one reason… campouts. Had a camping medal 2 years in a row (every campout, once a month for the whole year).

    Females have NO PLACE in the Boy Scouts. That’s why the GIRL SCOUTS were created. DUH!!!

    1. yeah, back then. sure.

      my wife learned how to cook and sew and all sorts of other girly stuff. i don’t think too many girls want to be 50’s housewives anymore.

      teach em how to shoot guns, skin a buck and run a trot-line. they’re doing it anyway.

      1. “my wife learned how to cook and sew and all sorts of other girly stuff. i don’t think too many girls want to be 50’s housewives anymore.”

        It’s not that they don’t want to do what actually comes natural to a female, it is that it is being bred/schooled out of them. No examples in the home to mimic nor to teach them the difference between boys/girls, men/women.

        Who will raise the babies, rock the cradle that rules the world, nurture others if everyone is acting like men? Real men DON’T want to marry another man. Nothing wrong with knowing the things you mentioned, problem is when domestic abilities are lost, like cooking, educating children, assisting the husband as the head of the family, etc..

        1. As for sewing, I figure Katie our generation(s) just might be the last one)s) to teach girls or daughters how to sew. Thank God our home school group had “fashion shows” so-to-speak where the daughters could show off what they themselves sewed (my daughter sewed a skirt and a vest two different years.) Most public schools don’t even teach “Home Ec” anymore!

          1. my mom taught me how to mend things. she said it was for my own good till i got married. i’ve done the same for my boys. the sewing also comes in handy for leatherwork.
            don’t get so hung up on things. the best taylors in the world are men. so are the best chefs. starret company hired single women to assemble dial indicators for years. scoville in waterbury conn. had women in the workforce in large numbers before the boyscouts were even started.
            i’m sure frontier women were not 50’s housewives.

  3. What’s a “transgender boy”? There is no such thing in reality and exists only in the minds of those with mental defects, such as body dysmorphia.

    If I identify as a 90yr old black, joo-ish, lesbian woman, does that mean I can get rewarded 25yrs of back-pension and discriminatory suits, as well as slavery and holyhoax reparations?

  4. went through the entire deal
    Cub Scouts
    Boy Scouts
    I learned a lot , had a great time , good troop , no freaks and my Dad was involved. no goofy shit , but
    its no place for Girls

    My Mom ran the local GS troops for many many years , I had 3 sisters , I was the only boy

    Girl scouts are for girls
    Boy scouts for boys (its really not that hard to figure out)

    maybe the trans gendered or gay kids should start their own rainbow scouts and figure it out on their own .. quit pushing your agenda on our youth , they are fuked up enough without this help

  5. I don’t know who funds the scouts, but they’re probably behind this decision.

    I don’t think they’re that important, and I thought by now that someone would just start another, similar organization that focused on traditional values and activities without concern for political correctness.

    If Girl Scouts don’t want to be housewives, or learn skills that were traditionally designated to be feminine, there’s no reason they can’t petition their leadership to change the activities there. They don’t need to elbow their way into the Boy Scouts.

    1. Look no further than their manly moms and effeminate dads allowing their daughters to push for this. Sticking them in schools where this is the agenda. Too many parents don’t want to sacrifice a paycheck to raise their children. Instead they hand over their children to the state for 8 hrs. a day while they both work because working outside the home is much more gratifying and pays better than raising your own little ones, but in the end will be much more expensive to society as a whole.

      Don’t you love the “A home for mom” commercials? The place to stick your mom, and they also take dads too, when she’s older and needs the care and love of her family. Parents that have not been loyal to their children by shipping them off because they were a pain in the behind will end up here because the bonds have been broken, and especially if and when some of these children that were given to the state actually realize what was done to them and for what reasons.

      1. True, Katie, which is why I home schooled my kids and stopped working on my books to home school them for over about fifteen years, and only took a job (POA Office Manager) when the last of the kids went off to college. My son lives eleven hours away in east Texas but he still gets in touch with us and will be seeing him soon (and grandson); daughter calls every now and then, still busy in college (masters degree). I just hope my son and daughter in law don’t fall into the “broken bonds” thing—they both work (they have to, to pay off the mortgage. Grandson goes to DayCare, but at least it’s a Christian one.)

  6. Already there so-to-speak. When my homeschooled daughter joined the Girl Scouts (to go to the local Girl Scout Camp, she never attended GS meeting, none out here) and became a camp counselor, the GS camp and the nearby Boy Scout Camp had some kind of contest showing various camping skills and the GS beat the Boy Scouts handedly…as if the Boy Scouts had already been feminized. This was nearly ten years ago! I’m sure it’s worse now.

  7. Homosexual, girls in the BS, why are not the GS letting in homosexuals and boys. We have become a sick country

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