U.S. flight attendant’s union wants Capitol rioters banned from flying

The Ottawa Sun

Bad behaviour in Washington should lead to a flight ban, says the head of America’s largest flight attendants union.

Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, said in a statement that “some of the people who traveled in our planes (Tuesday) participated in the insurrection at the Capitol today. “Their violent and seditious actions at the Capitol today create further concern about their departure from the DC area.”

Nelson wants rioters banned from flying after one projected a “Trump 2020” image on a flight to D.C. a day before the globally-shunned incident.

“Acts against our democracy, our government and the freedom we claim as Americans must disqualify these individuals from the freedom of flight,” Nelson said in the statement.

“The mob mentality behavior that took place on several flights to the DC area yesterday was unacceptable and threatened the safety and security of every single person onboard,” added Nelson, whose union represents some 50,000 attendants at United, Alaska and more than a dozen other airlines, CNBC reported.

Read the rest here: https://ottawasun.com/news/world/u-s-flight-attendants-union-wants-capitol-rioters-banned-from-flying/wcm/c7681c44-f219-4503-bb2a-a79ebab76697


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