8 thoughts on “U.S Gov’t Admits It’ll “OVERWHELMINGLY” “CONVINCE” the Masses to Take Gates’ You-Know-What

    1. Ah hell, whats 50 million deaths anyway? Bill Gates can live with that. When will this piece of shit dissappear?

  1. The vaccines will be a hospital filler and a morgue packer, that has been documented.
    If people would “just say no” to government drugs…

    1. And another thing…if people would “just say no” to conformity with this world….

      Two things (and likely more) that causes folks to be sheeple–one, too lazy to be critical thinkers and truth seekers; two, the desire to conform, and their fear of being non-conformists who do not give a crap about what others think of them. You know, thick skinned?

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