U.S. Marine Lt. Col. ‘relieved of duty’ after emotional rebuke of Generals Milley and Austin…

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A Marine officer was relieved of duty on Friday after criticizing military leaders.  Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller confirmed he has “been relieved for cause based on lack of trust and confidence as of 14:30 today.”

“America has many issues … but it’s my home … it’s where my three sons will become men. America is still the light shining in a fog of chaos. When my Marine Corps career comes to an end, I look forward to a new beginning,” he said. “My life’s purpose is to make America the most lethal and effective foreign diplomacy instrument. While my days of hand to hand violence may be ending…I see new light on the horizon.”

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3 thoughts on “U.S. Marine Lt. Col. ‘relieved of duty’ after emotional rebuke of Generals Milley and Austin…

  1. why didn’t he live up to ‘defend against enemies foreign AND domestic’
    when the going gets tough the ‘tough’ turn into pussies and make a video
    to Lt. Col., nice example you set for the lower ranks
    imo, perhaps controlled opposition

  2. Hi Misty. When you mentioned on the broadcast that you weren’t sure if you should send this in, I shared your reluctance. When I had come across it I saw this guy rightfully shaming those he calls his “senior leaders,” shaming them for messin’ up the mission. Too bad he didn’t mention the treason of aiding/arming/empowering the enemy (all in the plan). But he’s calling those “leaders” out, and as I was listening I found myself calling HIM out!! Almost 20 years connected to Israel’s killing-machine, even admitting he killed people, all while claiming he’s on the “moral high-ground.” Needs to “demand accountability” of HIMSELF!!

    So yeah, Misty, how many of these types of articles and vids do we come across where some heavy truth is dished up, right along side some undeniable compromise, or ignorance, or even intentional disinfo? Sort, sift, scrutinize, seethe.


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