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U.S. Tax Refunds Plunge 17% as Treasury Ratchets Up Defense


Average tax refunds are down 17 percent so far in the first filing season under President Donald Trump’s tax overhaul, according to the IRS, prompting the Treasury Department to caution that the data contain aberrations and could be misleading.

Direct-deposit refunds dropped for the third week in a row this filing season to $2,703, from $3,256 a year earlier, for the seven days through Feb. 15, the IRS reported late Friday. The total number of refunds was down 26.5 percent to 23.5 million, it said.  

In a statement late Friday, the Treasury Department said that there was high public interest in taxpayer data from the current tax filing season and that while refunds are down, individual taxpayers’ overall liability has also fallen, bringing larger paychecks.

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  1. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Love the way they make everything seem legal, as we get the shaft.

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