Uber Driver Dismisses No Guns Policy, Wins Fight Against Three Attackers

Concealed Nation – by Brandon Curtis

An Uber driver is happy to have gone against the company’s ‘no guns’ policy, because he might not be alive if he hadn’t. As he was returning from a night of work, this driver found himself ambushed by three men, at least one of which was armed with a gun.

The driver waited to fight back and while we can’t see the actual exchange, he seems to have had the upper hand in drawing and firing at the suspects, who start to run off quickly. 

One suspect is inside his vehicle, scrambling out another door to avoid getting shot by the driver.

In the end, all three suspects were captured, one dead one injured and another uninjured.

The driver was not hurt.

One important note that comes up more than I’d like: Don’t chase fleeing suspects. The driver could have easily been taken out by the man who was scrambling out of the car, so remember the multiple chances you take when you go after someone who is moving in the opposite direction and no longer a threat.

Concealed Nation

One thought on “Uber Driver Dismisses No Guns Policy, Wins Fight Against Three Attackers

  1. yeah like Uber is going to protect you ..chances are if you get robbed or carjacked Uber will not know who you are or even care , hell you’ll likely never work for them again

    People need to get a clue , you are on your Fucin OWN!…no one is coming to “save” you … its quite like the shit show coming out of DC

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