UCLA requires Vaccine for online classes…

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Herschel Walker’s son records a conversation with a UCLA administrator.

Christian Walker — All of my classes are online. I don’t step on to campus. I’ve already paid. We’re a week into classes. My university just called to tell me they are dropping my classes if I don’t report to them about my vaccination.

Christian Walker with Maria Bartiromo yesterday

Citizen Free Press

4 thoughts on “UCLA requires Vaccine for online classes…

  1. Well, they need to indoctrinate you with the vaccine propaganda. If you don’t go along with it, you won’t be able to eat, work, live or get an education, regardless of whether or not you are even around people. They also need a database on everyone’s vaccine’s status. So, once again, whether you are in a classroom full of people or not, it is irrelevant.

  2. That “ higher education “ is a fraud
    And won’t serve you any in the up coming war

    Just say no to the subsequent brainwashing

  3. Did you wear a mask, Christian? Did you go along?

    Then you have no room to complain. The time to have stood up as a man was over a year ago now, but in ALL of that time of Lockdowns and you ‘must’ wear a mask mandates (illegal), I saw \….ME, A CLIENT IN HIS 60’s, AND A YOUNG BLACK GUY AT A RALPH’S, late 20’s.

    That’s it. 3 men

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