UK government to force Internet content blocking

blocked-websitesGreen Living Review –  by Michael Smith 

The claim by Whitehall that it is predominately aimed at porn sites and especially child porn to prevent also and especially children accessing such materials does not hold water as, first of all, accessing child porn is a crime and secondly that no one can believe anymore what they say.

The “for the good of the children” claim has become a mantra under which the freedoms of the individual are being eroded by increments, in the UK and the USA. Blocking porn is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  

So-called extremist websites are also in the cross hairs of the government’s gun sight and we can take a sure bet that many survivalist sites and such like will also be considered and affected. And, no doubt, alternative media sites such as Russia Today and many others.

In the end we will only be allowed, for our own protection and that of the children, obviously, to access such sites only as are approved by the powers-that-be.

The British and American governments keep harping on about freedom and scream blue murder when the Internet and social media are being censored and restricted by China, in Arab countries, and so on while, at the same time, they are aiming to do the very same at home. The term “double standards” does not even come close to conveying it properly.

While they insist that the Internet must not be censored – and it should not be – as far as what they class repressive regimes such as China, Iran, etc., are concerned a different set of rules are applied to their own citizens. What are they afraid of?

8 thoughts on “UK government to force Internet content blocking

  1. hehe AVG’s Cyberghost… free to use VPN and hook up to any nation in the world… been watching stuff on Comedy Central and all sorts, great fun, oh can’t get on Pirate Bay says UK govt… oh look no problem with a VPN 😉

  2. Considering that the UK has been Filtering and Blocking Internet content since it started to become popular over there this is only a case of them admitting to what they have been doing for decades.

    (they make the Chinese look like Amateurs in the relm of Internet Filtering)

    1. Well they want us to look at plenty of porn, one of the Prime Ministers best friends and donor’s just happens to have a huge empire based on exploiting women with questions of many of the actresses ahem being drugged before being made to do these “Ben Dover” type films 🙁

  3. By all indications, we’re facing the same treatment sometime in the very near future.

    The internet has become their worst nightmare. It’s been instrumental in awakening the slumbering masses (myself included), and they can’t afford to let this exponential awakening continue much longer.

    1. yep — I agree. And once they introduce “content blocking” here, the internet will be no different than the TV.

      Zionist criminals dictating what you’re allowed to know.

    2. After print, radio, and talmudvision, the internet was a wild stallion the zionists and governments couldn’t tame. They’re trying like crazy to tame it, but can’t.

      This ‘for the children’ is beating a dead horse. Parents are responsible for their children, not the government.

      I was first awoken by someone who knew the income tax was a total fraud and explained it to me in detail…that was 1989. He was collecting precious metals and rare/ancient coins for the coming fiat collapse. He blamed the government, but had no idea about the Khazar infiltrators.

      The internet was invaluable to me when it came on-stream for the masses around the mid-90’s. I’ve been on-board ever since. Y2k hysteria was my first big warning sign about false-flag events…then came 911.

      The more I learned about how human ‘history’ is a lie the angrier I got. The amount of total crap I had to remember and regurgitate in school amounted to indoctrination. The only truth in school was mathematics.

      We can’t even get straight facts about, Kennedy, USS Liberty, 911, Boston, or ANYTHING. The internet lets small voices be heard in a big way. It’s indispensable to balancing points of view. It certainly takes centralized control away from the Zionists.

      The only reason the UK (read nest of Rothschild) is doing this is they’re losing the power to form perception to their liking. And losing their power they should. How the PTB are trying to get Presstv offline says that there’s some truth filtering in they don’t like.

      Internet is also airing politicians dirty laundry and skeletons in a whole new way. This is also true of the zionist Khazars.

      Another case is Syria. They’re having a very difficult time selling those lies with so many eyes watching. Without internet they would have bombed them back to the stone-age and invaded …telling whatever story they pleased. Consider Iraq. Iraq was a strong country. It took from Gulf War one, Clinton incessant bombing and Gulf War2 to finally break them. And throughout this time internet was just getting on-stream. Only a few people were on-board. It wasn’t until the turn of the century that it grew considerably.

      Yugoslavia was another set of lies, as was Afghanistan.

      Libya was a very small country and they hit it with lightning in a few days. It’s going to take time to figure out what happened, but internet makes that possible. For instance, do you think without internet we’d know that one of the first moves by the invaders was to set up a Rothschild central bank and destroy the gold Dinar…probably not.

      In the year 2000 there were seven countries without a Rothschild owned Central Bank:
      Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and Iran

      Currently, these countries are the only hold-outs:
      Cuba, North Korea, Iran

      Without internet this obvious pattern would only be available to a few.

      Please realize that before internet everything was written by the people who controlled/owned the media. Thankfully for the internet we understand that. Like Aurora, Sandy Hook and Boston,
      those lies and deceptions are falling fast.

      Bottom line for me: Internet should remain the wild west of ideas and information dissemination. Developers should strive to make it as decentralized as possible. As for the porn…(unless you can ‘uninvent’ it, it’s not going anywhere). I have bigger fish to fry.


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