Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (Mass genocide at the heart of Europe)

Published on May 6, 2014 by FallenUSSoldiers

[Exclusive footage] Rebirth of Fascism in its purest form in today’s Ukraine.

U.S. warmongers along with EU/NATO politicians have installed (through violent, artificial revolution) a pro-fascist junta government in Ukraine which unlawfully armed Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and are now trying to start a civil war within the country.

More analysis on the crisis:……

Details on the Odessa massacre which happened on May 2nd:…

Yellow “Right Sector” armband sign (origins):

Info on the rise of fascism in Ukraine in German (Deutsch):……

Well known “heroic” deeds of Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych and their followers:…

Over 900,000 Ukrainians have already left the country within 2 months of EuroMaidan and fled to Russia. 2,500 fled to Belarus. This is just the beginning.

Regarding politics on Russia: double standards? No, the standard is only 1 – anti-Russian.


One thought on “Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (Mass genocide at the heart of Europe)

  1. Yea at about the 6:45 mark they were burning the damn cops 🙂 yea – I think that is better than a rope or a bullet. If a pig survives being burned he wil have a very painful recovery, if he dosn`t he will have a painful death and his fellow pigs will try to save him as he screams in pain only to die later of his burning. Yea burn them like they did the witches.
    Yea, cops/politicions need to painfully suffer before they die!!!!

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