UMass Memorial Health Center refuses kidney transplant for unvaccinated patient

Natural News – by Ethan Huff

A 37-year-old father of three is being denied a life-saving medical treatment by UMass Memorial Health Center (UMHC) in Worcester because he refuses to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Bernard LaPierre, a Type 1 diabetic, was told back in 2019 that his kidneys are failing and that he needs a transplant in order to live. He was put on a waiting list at the time after suffering a major reaction from a pharmaceutical drug he was prescribed that inflicted even worse damage to his kidneys.

This all occurred before the Chinese Virus was unveiled, of course, which meant that the only stipulation for Bernard to get his needed transplant was to show up on the day of the surgery. Now that Tony Fauci, Bill Gates and the other medical terrorists have destroyed the world with Fauci Flu fear, however, Bernard is now being told that he must permanently alter his DNA with a Wuhan Flu shot or else be left to die.

Bernard’s wife Meagan has already completed all of the needed tests for donating one of her own kidneys to her husband, reporting that “so far, everything looks good.” She had also confirmed with UMHC on three separate occasions that a Fauci Flu shot would not be required because all patients have the legal right to make their own medical choices concerning injection.

The story suddenly changed, however, when the administration at UMHC decided on a whim to mandate Chinese Disease injections for all patients. A nurse identified as “Linda S.” reportedly told Bernard on June 25 that he would need to get the Big Pharma shot in order to receive the transplant, which left him “understandably … upset.”

“While we believe he is a good candidate for transplant, we want him to have the vaccinations recommended (Hep A, Hep B, Prevnar, pneumovax),” she wrote.

One July 9, an infectious disease specialist named “Mary Dawn T. Co” added that injections for the Chinese Virus would also be required in order for Bernard’s life to be saved.

UMHC: If you refuse to get a covid “vaccine” to “save lives,” then we cannot save yours

“Dr. Co” from UMHC wrote in Bernard’s progress notes on July 7 that the hospital had recommended that Bernard get injected with all of the aforementioned “vaccines” in order to protect him against post-transplant infections.

After considering it, Bernard denied the hospital’s recommendations, only to have hospital workers refuse to honor his choice. They told Bernard that he would have to get the injections or else be left to die.

“We talked about the increased risk of infections post-transplant and the possible compromise of his transplant should he develop an overwhelming infection,” Dr. Co wrote. “The patient said he was willing to assume the risks of going without vaccination, but I said that our program is not.”

“I told him that we respected his wishes and concerns but that we, as a program, believe that the benefits of vaccination outweighed the risks and that having these vaccines was important to ensure that he had the best outcome after transplant.”

In other words, UMHC does not believe in medical choice, nor does it respect the concept of “my body, my choice” – except in the case of abortions, of course, which UMHC gleefully provides through its “Family Planning” and “Women’s Health” department.

The LaPierre is highly skeptical of vaccines, and rightfully so, after one of their sons became sickly for months with diarrhea and ear infections after receiving multiple shots in the same day.

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3 thoughts on “UMass Memorial Health Center refuses kidney transplant for unvaccinated patient

  1. So they do or don’t have a code of ethics

    I thought it was save a life no matter what
    Maybe if this person dies their family will end up owning that hospital

    The logic behind this has to be flawed so bad that they not only end up bankrupting the hospital but owning everything that Dr worked for his whole life

    You know fckers
    Just wait , because all those people that just wanted to be left alone
    Might just rise and hang all yer asses

    I’ll be sure my front tow seat is reserved

  2. “While we believe he is a good candidate for transplant, we want him to have the vaccinations recommended (Hep A, Hep B, Prevnar, pneumovax),” she wrote.

    One way or another they are going to kill this man

  3. Greetings.
    Requiring a patient to receive questionable toxic chemicals (Emergency Usage Authorization experimental drugs, NOT “vaccination”), to get a needed transplant “in order to live”, is certainly unethical, at the least.
    Consider a summation of the Hippocratic Oath, roughly, “first, do no harm”;
    ….abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous….
    ….give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel….
    ….abstain from every voluntary act of mischief and corruption….
    Blood clots, nerve damage, seizures, blind, deaf, hundreds of thousands maimed and injured, tens of thousands dead from these injections.
    Canada banned commercial airline pilots flying after receiving these shots.
    England reportedly had at least 4 pilots die shortly after injections.
    Propaganda all over the airwaves to snooker the weak minded to not research the injection hazards for themselves, before CHOOSING these injections.
    Fake scamdemic of the “unvaccinated” as a hazard to the general population.
    Not “vax hessitant”, but but those that don’t buy the hysteria and lies and propaganda, and retain sanity, and what was long ago called “good sense”.
    Research super supplements for super immunity.
    At the very least, cheap vitamin D3 and zinc.
    Psalm 91 “soldiers Psalm” for Devine protection.
    God save the Republic.

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