UN Bigwigs Eat Filet Mignon and Foie Gras, Tell Everyone Else to Eat Bugs

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The United Nations, which is always thinking of helpful ways to make our lives horribly worse, has a new proposal. You’ve probably heard it already.

A new report from the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says Western societies should get over their “disgust” at the idea of eating bugs and join in.  

Wasps, bees, beetles, ants, grasshoppers, and, yes, crickets are protein-rich, abundant, and have a small environmental footprint compared to other animal food sources, says the report, titled “Edible Insects: Future Prospects For Food And Feed Security.”

Eating bugs could even help fight obesity, the UN says, in the hopes of getting Michelle Obama on board.

More than 1,900 species of insects are eaten around the world, mainly in Africa and Asia, but people in the West generally turn their noses up at the likes of grasshoppers, termites and other crunchy fare.

The authors of the study by the Forestry Department, part of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), said many insects contained the same amount of protein and minerals as meat and more healthy fats doctors recommend in balanced diets.

People in Africa and Asia eat bugs. They also face starvation and severe malnutrition. They’re not out to fight obesity. They’re trying not to die.

“In the West we have a cultural bias, and think that because insects come from developing countries, they cannot be good,” said scientist Arnold van Huis from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, one of the authors of the report.

Clearly if you don’t eat bugs, you’re a racist. And when the Food and Agricultural Organization isn’t telling people to eat bugs, it’s committed to the noble mission of fighting “to stop the pursuit of Judaism in Palestine.”

So are UN bigwigs eating bugs?

Oddly enough bugs don’t appear on the menu for the United Nations Delegates Dining Room. Despite their incredible nutritious value and obesity fighting powers, there are no ants, grasshoppers or bugs of any kind available to the humanitarian defenders of a better world.

Sugar Cane Glazed Chilean Sea Bass, Skillet Seared Atlantic Salmon, New Zealand Rack of Lamb, Roasted Loin of Lamb, Crispy Red Snapper with Langoustine and Medallion of Filet Mignon.

Meanwhile at the 2002 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization summit on food security, delegates ate bugs. And by bugs, I mean they ate goose, lobster and foie gras. Also on the menu were Salmon with peppers and polenta, Lobster in vinaigrette and Fillet of goose with olives.

The opening day of the World Food Summit, dedicated to combating global hunger, was marked yesterday by a sumptuous lunch for the 3,000 delegates served by 170 Italian waiters.

The summit leaders were offered foie gras, lobster, and goose stuffed with olives. followed by fruit compote.

Then delegates committed themselves to halving the number of hungry people in the world to 400 million by 2015. In the event, only 25 million have come off the list and much of southern Africa is now being engulfed by famine.

The FAO now claims the number of hungry people in the world is at 870 million. And their solution is to tell Americans and Europeans to eat bugs.



Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.


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  1. In the future will not be able to farm/harvest our own insect livestock. We will be required to buy and eat GMO insects.

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