UN UNCED Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt

Canada Live

Feb 16, 2015

George Hunt became aware of the environmental fraud after attending the Wilderness conference in Colorado in 1987. From then until his death Dec 23rd 2013 George dedicated himself to exposing the environmental fraud. RIP George…you did good!

5 thoughts on “UN UNCED Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt

    1. Thanks, Mary. This was my first understanding of what they mean by “4th World.” Scary and infuriating. And for years we’ve heard the words “cannon fodder,” but to actually hear it said on tape is astounding. The words pompous, arrogant, and obnoxious come to mind, but they’re not strong enough.


          1. Oh yeah, I put in my 3 wishes:

            >> Bill of Rights

            >> The Common Law

            >> A good night’s sleep



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