Unbelievable–Farting In Public–Hilarious!

Before It’s News – by Lyn Leahz

Jack Vale is sure to make you laugh as he uses his pooter (a tiny object in his pocket that he squeezes) in public places to make people think he’s farting it all up!  Sure to make you laugh! Use the restroom before you watch…guaranteed to make you have an accident if you don’t! Oh, and if you’re not too embarrassed, pass this around to your friends and family so they can share in the laughter amidst all the drama of daily life!


14 thoughts on “Unbelievable–Farting In Public–Hilarious!

  1. “THIS” is “funny”? You retards need to go back to elementary school. Dumbass. Do that to me and my lady, you WILL get your ass kicked. BIGTIME.

      1. Fake or not. Absolute lack of humor. Juvenile humor, at best. You think that is funny? I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE A SH*T ON YOUR DINNER TABLE. That….would be funny.

        1. Good morning, dooodaaa.
          You say you would like to take a shit on my friend’s table? #1 NWO Hatr has been here a long time. He is as much a part of this site as I am or any of the rest of the people that make up From the Trenches, and nobody is just going to come along and start f#@king with our people. You obviously do not know us well enough to take a personal disagreement off the site and you sure as hell are not going to attack any of us on this comment section. Even if this were two regulars it would not be allowed, as it is divisive and breaks down the conversation on the important issues we face. (Not that farting is an important issue. The article was obviously put up as a joke.)
          Now you might just be another crotchety old bastard like the rest of us, so at this point I will just caution you. You do not know us well enough to talk smack at any one of us, even in jest.
          If you wish to remain in our company and get to know us better, you might want to take the attitude of appreciating the work the people on this site are doing and weigh that against any insult you might want to deliver.
          At any rate, I would not recommend you shitting on #1’s table. I don’t think you would like the way that encounter would turn out.
          As for #1’s little meeting group at Starbucks, that is absolutely none of your business. We here at From the Trenches know #1 and understand what he is doing and we will step up for one another on every occasion.
          This may just be a misunderstanding, but from this point forth, you are informed. You can continue here or not. Your call.

          1. Thank you, Henry. Greatly appreciated.

            You’re absolutely right about the table thing. Kind of hard to laugh when you’re spitting out broken teeth.

        2. Its better to fart and bare the shame than it is to hold it and bare the pain. I will never hold back! lol How are u going to tell someone to grow up then threaten to sh!t on a guys table, and you were preaching about juvenile humor. Not only have you redefined party pooper but need to understand propriety with a little less ignorance.

    1. It’s called comic relief, Greg.

      I refuse to post nothing but bad news ALL the time. It does get depressing, and I really HATE depressing.

        1. Maybe you should think about what you are sayin` dooodaaa. You are not makin` any freinds here dooodaaa! You say that to #1 and you say that to us all that saw the humor in that post dooodaaa so maybe you should reconsider what you said to #1 and basically to the rest of us here that can use a good laugh once in a while. Yep dooodaaa, you are not makin` many freinds here with your attitude like that.

  2. dooodaaa
    After reading the heading of a piece
    you are free to pass it up….should it not interest you
    If you do read one or all
    You have no right to tell Henry
    what he should or should not post on this site.,
    To understand this simplicity

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