Unbelievably insane products for children revealed in Health Ranger’s ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ song

products for childrenNatural News – by Mike Adams

In a comedy bit that unveils the insanity of consumer products available for children these days, the Health Ranger (director of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab) sings a modified “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Here’s the list of twelve items covered in the video:  

1. Gansta rap coloring book
2. Cocaine soda
3. Zombie blood bags
4. Slow-Cook plastic liners for cooking soup
5. Fluoride drinking water for infants
6. BAWLS soda
7. 7-Up Baby Bottles
8. Retail sticks
9. Cans of Unicorn Meat
10. Flintstones Vitamins for children with aspartame
11. Zombie Jerky
12. Resident Evil T-Virus Antidote energy drink

Watch the full video here:

Yes, all these products are real

All the products shown in the video are 100% real and were purchased at retail stores in America. Nothing was fabricated to make the video.

Merry Christmas!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/043240_Twelve_Days_of_Christmas_Health_Ranger_products_for_children.html#ixzz2neiTHs00

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