Uncut CNN Ron Paul Interview

Ron Paul did not “storm off”, CNN used creative editing.

CNN finally released the full interview. It shows that Ron Paul didn’t “storm off” – the interview was over.

All parts of the interview that make Gloria Borger look ridiculous were cut out of the heavily edited and misleading version that aired on CNN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5LtbXG62es

Propagandist Borger ends the interview with an outrageous insinuation and lie: “Some of this stuff was very incendiary, you know… saying that in 1993 the Israelis were responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center”.

The newsletters, politically incorrect as they might have been, NEVER made such a claim.

The corporate media will stop at nothing to discredit Ron Paul, but thanks to a growing understanding on part of the public of “how the system works”, the media’s efforts aren’t just not working, they are backfiring.

Ron Paul remains the undisputed frontrunner in Iowa (as documented by five consecutive polls by various organizations). Nationally, Ron Paul gained 5% on both Gingrich and Romney among Republican voters over the past 5 days, i.e. during the worst phase of the media attack.

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  1. Another shining example of how a question is answered but the person asking the question isn’t satisfied with the answer so they try to twist and manipulate the answer into something they want it to be. It reminds me a lot of how lawyers operate in courts.

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