Unemployed Americans – Want a job?

manufacturingCommunist infiltrators in the United States will continue to push their grass roots campaign to intimidate the people’s so called representatives into supporting their push for gun confiscation and they will succeed if the silent majority is silent.  We must meet this threat head on and use our overwhelming numbers to shout these traitors down.

We also must call the gun manufacturers in the United States to account for their actions in aiding this foreign insurgency by cutting back on manufacture and sales of guns and ammunition to we the people.   We cannot forget that the big manufacturers are a part of the industrial war complex and sell their products all over the world. 

The fact that we Americans have been purchasing guns and ammunition at record rates has caused some of the manufacturers and distributors to take pause in completely turning us away.  But how much better would be our position if we were free of the infringements upon our rights that have been allowed by previous generations?

If we American nationals were in full possession of our absolute rights, every American who has been deprived of a livelihood could set up arms and ammunition manufacturing on a small scale in our garages.  Once multiplied by millions, this could easily displace the big manufacturers.  The same would hold true as far as the manufacture of powder and lead.

The corporate conglomerates now hold a monopoly on manufacturing and sales and they do so through licensing and regulation that prevents American entrepreneurship from filling the need created through the gun industry’s collaboration with the traitors within.

Already we are seeing the equipment and supplies needed to load and reload ammunition disappearing from the shelves as we Americans will not be stopped in our quest to arm for our defense against the soviet socialist insurgency.  Already there are individuals out there mining and manufacturing the base elements for the creation of powder and lead.

I believe we are going to see an emphasis being placed on the buying, selling, and owning of ammunition as a major part of the new infringements that are being pushed.  For our weapons to work we must have the ammunition and as we already have 300 million privately owned firearms, the quickest way to nullify that fact is to render our guns useless by starving us for ammunition.

There are 100 million unemployed and under-employed Americans and many of these people possess the intelligence needed to manufacture the ammunition that is in such high demand right now.  We are Americans.  We should find a way to fill that void while moving ourselves further towards the self sufficiency that has become necessary to accomplish the restitution of our Republic.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Unemployed Americans – Want a job?

  1. This is a good idea, and anyone with a bullet press can make himself a lot of money these days. Just keep it under the radar, and only supply a few distributors who can then supply a larger market, who will never know who the manufacturer is. (kind of like a drug dealer’s distribution network)

  2. Henry,
    Very nice! In fact, I was thinking along those lines when I posted this;
    It takes surprisingly few tools and or skills to produce a firearm. I belive I could knock out a gun or two per week. Due to simple construction they would sell for about $250-300. And as always, here at Crazy Rhummy’s Gunwerks cash is never a problem! Let’s do some good old fashioned horse trading.

  3. To rhumstruck: I looked into lathes and they can run in to the high thousands to buy…I found a couple, 700 – 1000 dollars…They are much smaller obviously…Do you think the lower priced smaller lathes will work to accomplish what your links mentioned? thanks, hope ya get this note.

    1. That’s the beauty of two of those designs, no lathe needed. A drill press would be nice but you can make do with a hand drill, jigsaw or coping saw, assorted drills and a couple of files. SIMPLICITY

  4. Yes this is very important. My field is metal fab and Im going to start learning as much as I can about gun and ammo manufacturing. The other field I think is important is communication. Start looking into radios like the RCI 2950 and the HR2510. These radios can be modified to cover 11 meters on top of 10m and 12m (11 meters is the cb band). These are decent dx bands that would help us stay in communication especially if the internet went down.

  5. Unfortunately, my forte is uncovering the truth, and exposing deception and lies.

    I do, however, have plenty of ammo for the initial phase of the revolution, once the SHTF, so I will be looking to re-supply from dead enemy combatants.

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