Unemployment and the Road to Famine

First time jobless claims came in at 366,000 for the week, not that anyone is really looking at this number anymore and it was hardly discussed in the mainstream media.  However it is being said that the “recovery” has stalled.  How many “recoveries” is this now?

It will be interesting to see the jobs report for August.  Last year it was originally reported that zero jobs were created in August.  This number was of course revised up three months later to 50,000 and anyone that doesn’t know that this year is worse than last year has been living in a cave.

Manufacturing is down and even Walmart shares have fallen as the last of the wealth being held by private individuals is dwindling away. Of course as wages continue to fall and prices continue to rise, even the middle class are being priced out of the Chinese junk markets.

Considering the drought and the rising cost of petroleum products, this winter might very well result in conditions of famine here in the land of plenty.  The international corporate mafia has increased their rate of theft to the point that they are actually taking food out of our mouths.  And guess what?  They want more.

You people exhausting your unemployment benefits and joining the ranks of the long term unemployed, your education and survival without resources during this winter is going to be harder than anyone else’s to date.

The foreign insurgents/peasant population of Mexico is swarming across our southern border in response to Obama’s declaration of reward for all foreign nationals that will come to the United States as a part of the invasion.  Those who have worked for 20 or 30 or 40 years and paid into the so called safety net are now in direct competition for food with the flood of refugees coming across our southern border.

You see this depression we are experiencing is not confined to the United States.  It is worse down in Mexico, which is ruled by 15 ultra elite families whose answer to famine in Mexico will be road maps of the internal United States and transportation to their northern border.

They will send their people here to feed them as our people go hungry.  And the foreign insurgents within our government will give them every assistance, as it is their goal to drive our people into slavery through competition for the most basic resources of life, food and shelter.

How can the bringing of one foreign worker into the United States at this point in the ball game be justified?  It cannot.  But then the justification does not matter.  Within the next couple of months we will see that 1.7 million dreamers, which were originally reported as 700,000, morph into 4 to 7 million with another 20 million invading right behind them as there is simply no reason for them not to.

I can see it now, the road signs leading from Mexico into the United States marked with but one word, “Comida” and an arrow pointing north.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “Unemployment and the Road to Famine

  1. Speaking of caves don’t bother trying to hide or live there they are being sealed off.

    I just wish our local officials would come to their senses and come to our cities rescue and block it off if need be to protect all citizens residing here.

    I hate to think who is “up there” right now.

  2. Google is cutting 4000 jobs and 40% of it VP’s. Fed EX is trying to early buy out its American employees. Yeah, things are looking up…….. These people must think were all a bunch of Afghan’y ass wipes.

    Lets get real here, if your lucky enough to have a job, your the new 1%.

  3. It was just announced on 102.3 WSUS FM this morning that New Jersey unemployment rose to 9.8%, making it 38 months of consecutive job losses. Recovery?!? I don’t think so!

  4. I still have a job ( fortunately ) and I may be living on the streets soon anyway. My rent almost doubled last month, and now I can’t afford gas, ( $4.07 ) my credit card bills, car insurance and food anymore.
    I’m seriously thinking bankruptcy now.

    1. That sucks #1NWO Hater when you work and cannot even afford to live a life us Americans were promised !!! My comment to you is the same as to Clark Kent that I posted him as you guys have posted to Clark on the article about the bank robber and people getting handcuffed. I know what it is like to be in your situation and Clarks. Try to hold your head up and don`t grab your ankles for any one, ya know what I mean #1 – I know ya do. Try to keep the faith #1 NWO Hater.

      1. Thanks, digger. I guess I really shouldn’t complain, I’ve had it pretty good up until just recently, but I work very hard with next to nothing to show for it anymore.

        At least you can bet I’m going postal on them once they declare martial law.

        1. You are very welcome #1. I know what you are going through – at least I think. Been there and it is not fun I know. That`s why we all got to stick together at all cost man. We all hang tight eh. If your in the area, just let me know – there is a place here.

  5. Thursday August 16, put in my two weeks notice for a better job=less physical
    stress at 10:30 am with my employer, at 4:30 pm my employer laid me off.
    Quit and Laid off in one day!

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