Unhinged Leftist Bette Middler Threatens To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

Summit News – by Steve Watson

“Entertainer” Bette Middler has called for KILLING children who have not had COVID shots.

In a completely mental tweet aimed at ‘anti-vaxxers’, the unhinged Middler advocated using peanut butter on kids with allergies if they haven’t been vaccinated against coronavirus.

Normally anything coming out of her mouth is easily ignored, but this mind to keyboard splurge is a particularly hot take…

What’s even more mental is that some leftists actually took her seriously:

Summit News

8 thoughts on “Unhinged Leftist Bette Middler Threatens To Kill Unvaccinated Kids

  1. This useless hag must really have a “set” to talk this shit, she talked to my kid like this there would be one less Jew cunt to have to worry about.

    Fkg traitor Jew bitch…goddamn Jerry Springer whore…

    1. And no one is arresting her for hate speech or outright threats. Only truth-tellers have to put up with that.

      And btw… her net worth is listed at $250 million. Guess she has a lot of peanut butter.


  2. maybe I’m naïve , do people really listen to , her?…who is she BTW?

    oh, another “celebrity” that thinks her opinion means something to a hard working US National , yeah …I’ll pass

  3. Kids?
    How old is this hack actress? I’d of thought she was barren and now I think it should be a forced procedure.

  4. “They” know it’s either them or us – it’s about time more of us knew it too & finally did something about it!

  5. These scum think they are above the rest of us, they think they will be safe from the riffraff in their gated communities and gaudy mansions when SHTF. It is then they will find out just how wrong they are.

  6. And why are so many children today allergic to peanuts? Because peanut oil is an adjuvant (a substance which enhances the body’s immune response to an antigen) in many vaccines. Vaccines create peanut allergies.

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