United Nations 2014 Sigil Magik & Climate Change SCAM

These circles/semicircles spinning at different speeds, the moving in and out and countdowns are everywhere. History Channel, Golf Channel, ESPN, and of course all…and I do mean all…news,weather and entertainment channels. Usually, they’re blue but all other colors are used. You can see the UN climate change logo is green, yellow, etc. arcs forming a circle.

This how sheeple are hypnotized to take in the bullshit that is audio/visual propaganda. I make it a game, when I watch anything on the BoobTube or websites (Infowars is one of the worst) to pick out the subtle and overt ways this is constantly being done, most often throughout the whole show. It’s also used in still photos frequently, like the logo. Even the Ryder Cup team clothing had blue with white arcs yesterday. Scary.

These people who do this are very sophisticated…and EVIL.

Published on Sep 27, 2014 by The Black Child

United Nations Climate Summit 2014 Sigil MagiK; J-Lo Mind Control & “Countdowns”-hypnotic inductions; Climate Change/Global Warming SCAM; Demonic Leonardo DiCaprio

5 thoughts on “United Nations 2014 Sigil Magik & Climate Change SCAM

  1. What Soro’s can do for the planet is slit his throat. He is a threat.
    Of course global warming and climate change is just another racket.

    1. In fact the earth is replenished with the bones and blood of mammals. We will, for the sake of argument, refer to Soros as a “mammal”. More effective than taxes at reclaiming the earths health.

      on a side note…
      I think global warming is to blame for the MASSIVE up-tick in volcanic activity this year. Probable the 1300+ earthquakes this week just east of Yellowstone Park too. (sar-f’in-castic)

  2. Why is it that Lord Monckton, one of the world’s foremost authorities on climate ‘change’, is never invited to speak at these U.N. summits?

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