United Nation’s Back Door to Start War in Syria

Russia and China are conducting six days of joint naval exercises in the Yellow Sea off China’s eastern coast as the US and Philippines do the same in the South China Sea.  These exercises are being billed as a measure to strengthen regional security.  Does anyone believe this?

The UN Security Council just voted to increase the number of observers in Syria to 300.  It would appear that as the Zionists within the US government cannot push us into another war in the Middle East through the politicians they control, they will now attempt to do so through the US Zionist United Nations.  Don’t get me wrong, if this were not an election year the Zionist puppets that occupy our highest seats of power would have already invaded both Syria and Iran.

Noting the absolutely criminal fashion in which Mitt Romney is being dictated as the GOP candidate in defiance of the will of the American people, I believe the plan is for four more years of Obama, as the Zionists believe the American people, through some bizarre act of stupidity, will vote for Barack Obama as an act of defiance for being disenfranchised in the Republican Primaries and Caucuses.

This being said, I think the Zionists have taken the position that they will wait until after the election to invade in the Middle East, but not a minute longer.  This is why the back door through the UN is being created.

Barack Obama will be reelected and then, as if by magic, the United States will be thrust into a third world war as China and Russia have stated emphatically that they will consider any further incursions into the Middle East or Northern Africa by the Zionist controlled US or the Israelis an act of war against their sovereign interests.

If the American people are completely disenfranchised through an establishment dictate that says we cannot chose our candidate from among us, as in Dr. Paul, the only thing that might stop a full blown revolution in our country is a full blown world war wherein we are forced to put our revolution aside and fight the Russians and Chinese for our lives.

Take note:  The Russian and Chinese governments by now have to know the temper of the American people and are literally playing a game of chicken with their Zionist world competitors.  All the people around the world need to realize that the maniacs calling themselves our governments have no qualms in seeing billions slaughtered as they will not be among us.  When the dust settles, the resources of the world will still be in place and the elite who will survive will have it all.

God help the people of the world refuse to kill one another for the sadists.

2 thoughts on “United Nation’s Back Door to Start War in Syria

  1. Unfortunately, the very scenario you described in this article is already in motion. Romney is just a tool designed to stop the Ron Paul Revolution through fraud, then fall to the socialist dictator Obama in the election. The Military Industrial Complex has a win/win situation as Obama and Romney will both do whatever their Zionist masters order them to do.

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