United Nations Chicago Police

Chicago Police, wearing UN powder blue helmets and riot gear, treated brutally with the protesters who had come out to picket the NATO Summit.  Footage coming out of the city showed these Nazis clubbing unarmed citizens, whom they had determined would be barred from the part of their city where the international elite had gathered to plan for another year of death and destruction throughout the world.

This is National Socialism in its ugliest form.  The people who own the streets of Chicago are beaten down like animals by those deceptively referred to as public servants.

I heard one commentator on FOX News say, “We don’t know what the protesters want” when trying to lump the anti-war protests in with the Occupiers.  You see these elitists despise the Occupiers because the Occupiers have refused to establish a leadership to be infiltrated, taken over, and controled.

“Oh, why couldn’t they be like the Tea Partiers” who allowed the neo-cons to infiltrate and take over their movement and claim it as their own?  They say the Tea Partiers worked within the system and caused real change by electing new representation.  Bullshit.

In the first place the neo-cons who wound up in office as a result of the Independent vote were not elected because anyone wanted or believed in them.  It was nothing more than a straight up punishment for the incumbents.  But of course when we voted out the Democratic majority, the Republicans who were just a consequence of the action, stepped up to say they had a mandate from the people….to further screw the people.

You cannot stop corruption within the system by becoming part of the corrupt system.  How stupid do they think we are?  The fact is they are not fooling anyone.  We the American people of the American race are no longer calling ourselves Tea Partiers or Occupiers.  We will not be labeled by our enemies.  And we will not allow infiltrators to turn us against one another through lies and deceit.

We are 100 million strong and we are individuals, and in reality this is what they hate the most about us.  We are not the American Indians.  They are not going to buy off a few chiefs and perpetrate the theft of our country.

You international elitist deplorable bastards, listen up.  When it comes time to settle up you are going to have to pacify each and every one of us, on our own individual terms.  You cannot defeat us.  Your resistance to our will is futile.  You will be absorbed….and then regurgitated onto a deportation barge headed to Somalia with a bottle of barbeque sauce tied around your neck.

And as for those international treasonous scumbags calling themselves Chicago Police, mark my words.  You will pay for your crimes when the people of Chicago finally wake up and realize they are not dogs to be beaten back from the streets they own.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I posted your article on my blog, the first few paragraphs with a link back. Hope that is ok. You can see it on the site, which is the same as my email address (after the at sign). If unacceptable let me know. thanks. Good article btw….

    1. The internet is as free as we can keep it. I do not mind at all, in fact I thank you. The idea here is to spread the information as far and wide as possible.

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