United States Is A Financial Institution Based On The Insecurities Of The American Worker, Financial Control Over Us To Keep The Lid On

Money is manipulated by the complicated movements of securities and the manufacturing of derivatives and not actual goods, at least not in this country. General Electric doesn’t hardly make anything anymore, they’re now a complicated money machine keeping the lid on the American Workers happiness and well being.

General Electric is just one of many financial Institutions no longer manufacturing goods, just manufacturing the demise of the American worker and their happiness, through complicated maneuvering of cash and securities to appease the rich.

You see, we can’t have the average American worker, telling the 1% how it’s going to be, those 1% are too rich and own all the land, they must have all the financial control, they are above everybody else.

And there lies the basic problems, to the 1%, democracy means financial control by the corporate financial institutions and the corporate banks who make the rules, especially now more than ever.

America is no longer the manufacturing power house it used to be, it’s now run by the self appointed rich preventing the everyday American to have any kind of control over who gets what. It’s becoming so bad that now, they want us dead, our usefulness is no longer needed. We don’t make anything anymore.

Back during the beginnings of our country the leaders who were mainly rich aristocrats knew they had to maintain control, even back then they wanted all the land and all the control, they couldn’t have the other 99% owning their precious land or control of the money. Hence the corporations..

If you go back and read the arguments during the Constitutional Conventions back in the 1776 era, you’ll see the similar thinking even back then, the rich were better than everybody else, they had to maintain control.

The American people are deliberately being attacked by the wealthy, whether it be by gun or by vaccine, in any event, it’s all about keeping you and I broke, and them wealthy, and if you’re wearing a mask your helping them do it.

There is no, and never has been any sort of health risk to Americans other than the normal everyday flu and associated concerns, the only emergency America faces today are the scum bags who are trying to eliminate us for their continued financial security.

7 thoughts on “United States Is A Financial Institution Based On The Insecurities Of The American Worker, Financial Control Over Us To Keep The Lid On

  1. If you don’t kowtow, you will be eliminated. Hence Trump being shown the door. It will be way easier now to control the sheeple who followed him, because no one will take reins to take these bastards out!

    1. All I can say is that I look forward to Henry’s response to your comment as there is always an education to be had when he destroys ignorance.

    2. Rapscallion, Trump is a professional con man, this useful idiot served only one purpose, to stand as a commie mouth piece lying through his $25,000 smile. He accomplished nothing while in office, he put on a good show for the Trump retarded in the end, a performance Jimmy Cagney would be proud of.

      His sons are as crooked as a 100 year old red oak, he makes me want to throw up as I even brush his useless name through my mind. A rapist, and a scumbag con man, and the SOB just keeps on swimming in the bankruptcy cash.

      what ever comes next will be akin to something unimaginable, everyday Americans made this useless idiots family rich, now me and my friends suffer.

      The wealthy aristocrats are going to be dealt with, and they are going to pay through their crooked ass.

      My people made them rich , and we suffered, its going to be a monumental payback..Might not be today or tomorrow, but payback is a bitch.

    3. “If you don’t kowtow, you will be eliminated.”
      Oh yeah? Who the f-k is going to eliminate me?
      I’m sick and tired of listening to people like you tell what these spineless ass communists are going to do to me.
      That eliminating thing is a two way street and as individuals we’ve already got control of the reins. We are just not stupid enough to allow another command structure to be infiltrated and bought off. The guns will start firing, make no mistake, and those who will lead us to victory will morph out of a pure uprising for a specific purpose.
      Here is one for you, pal. If you violate the ratified law of the Bill of Rights, you will be eliminated.
      What a country of pussies when a pencil neck pedophile could throw out a threat and anyone calling themselves a man be intimidated by it.
      We outnumber the communists. The communists will be destroyed. Why? Because we f-king outnumber them, and that little tiny beam of light shining on the infringement abiding citizens is going to be insignificant to the firenado the ratified law of 1791 is about to unleash.

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