University of Houston researchers create heated air filter that can kill coronavirus ‘instantly’

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Researchers at the University of Houston claimed to have designed a special air filter that can trap the novel coronavirus and blast it with heat to kill the disease on contact.

Dr. Zhifeng Ren, director of the Texas Center of Superconductivity at UH, is the brains behind the project, the Houston Chronicle reported

Ren worked with Medistar CEO Monzer Hourani to bring about a “unique design” made from heated nickel foam, which was detailed in a paper published by Materials Today Physics.

Researchers reportedly conducted tests at Galveston National Laboratory and found that 99.8 percent of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 was killed “instantly,” after a single pass through the filter. The process does, however, require the foam to be heated at 392 degrees Fahrenheit.

“This filter could be useful in airports and in airplanes, in office buildings, schools and cruise ships to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Ren explained. “Its ability to help control the spread of the virus could be very useful for society.”

He also said Medistar is looking into offering smaller personalized models that could purify the air around a single employee’s desk or work station, according to the Chronicle.

Dr. Garrett Peel of Medistar, who helped craft the design, suggested that the filters be deployed to “high-priority venues where essential workers are at elevated risk of exposure (particularly schools, hospitals and health care facilities, as well as public transit environs such as airplanes),”

“It’s basically a high-performance COVID-19 killer,” he said. “This is safe and effective. We want to roll this out of Texas first and start deploying them in schools, nursing homes. This unit could be deployed in 60 days.”

“It provides an extra sense of security, knowing that our children and elderly are protected,” Peel added. ‘We need our leaders to step up and create private and public partnerships to get this product into our schools and protect our children.”

8 thoughts on “University of Houston researchers create heated air filter that can kill coronavirus ‘instantly’

  1. Hold my beer, I’ve got an even better medical advancement for the corona scaredy cats.

    A one time usage toaster oven helmet set to 400F.

    We’ll be rich! Or at least smile a bit more.

    Maybe zis is how ze Germans magically disappeared all the joos. Just more “lost technology”, I am suuure…

    Step right up, idiots. One size fits most and if yer head’s too fat, we have a flame thrower.

      1. I think we’re gonna need a whole lot of flame throwers, too. A whole lot of fat heads out there giving this B.S. any kind of validation.

  2. Red flags going up. I am less concerned about what that filter will keep out than I am about what it might let in. Oh the possibilities.


  3. It’s all so stupid. People develop immunity by having a virus in their system. I’m pretty sure a majority of us have come in contact with Covid19, as testing is confirming.
    As in years past, some get sick, some don’t. All we can really do is protect the infirm and more susceptible, and live our lives. Avoid sick people, like we’ve always done and stay home if we are sick. The simple truth is mankind would have been extinct long ago if it were any different.

  4. What B.s., this isn’t new as Airfree air sanitizers have been doing this for years. Hospital and many homes already use them. My grandmother uses one for her condition and it burns up everything. She swears by the thing, which look like a small R2D2. Personally, I prefer open windows and open spaces but I suppose if I was immunocompromised it would be practical. Way to reinvent the wheel for profit.

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