Unlocking the Secrets of Fascial Tissue May Be the Next Frontier in Natural Health

Phillip Schneider

There are some parts of human anatomy which have inexplicably powerful impacts health and wellness, including our spiritual and emotional well-being. For example, researchers continue to try to understand the role that the muscle of the soul (psoas), or the seat of the soul (pineal gland) have, but did you know there is a mysterious tissue in your body which encases every organ, limb, and every other tissue? 

It is known as fascia, and scientists are unlocking its secrets to discover that healthy fascia has an extraordinary and disproportionate effect on wellness, and can actually prevent or help us to recover from virtually any disease.

“Fascia is what holds us together. There are very few diseases that don’t have a fascia component” – Frederick Grinnell, Professor of Cell Biology at UT Southwestern Medical School

Fascia is a thin three-layered tissue that modifies its form under various conditions to aid the body in maintaining healthy movement and a healthy flow of bodily fluids, however, in addition to muscle ailments, fascia has a profound impact on gastrointestinal health, the lymphatic system, and even on the body’s resilience against cancer. Some researchers are even looking at fascia as the key to unlocking Parkinson’s disease.

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