13 thoughts on “Unmarked Black Helicopters on the deck over Klamath Lake

  1. As near to JBLM as I am, those noisy bastards clip the treetops after nightfall, quite often. They have rules, but they do not abide.
    When the windows are a-rattlin’ ain’t no good tattlin’, I’ve tried. It only marks me as a disgruntled domestic, otherwise known as a terrorist.

    1. I’m close to a class “C” airport that has some Mil jets in it as a base
      Between those guys busting the 250 speed mark and the Helios coming and going “watching our liquid border “
      It gets really exciting sometimes right above my own back yard

      Yes Galen
      Something is always going on

    1. Well, in any case, I don’t think that fly-over was to assess the health of blue-green algae. Something’s up. Ain’t something always up?


  2. Flying rock, you can take em out with on bullet placed just right.


  3. Henry, I actually saw this same type of helicopter flying over Hwy 121 and McKinney Ranch pkwy in McKinney, TX last week. I was going to send you the video footage I took but it didn’t come out as clear as yours.

    I, too, thought it was strange and felt disgusted seeing it. I’m not sure what it means but i know it’s totally illegal for them to fly over that area.

  4. Probably something to do with the fires near medicine lake. Could be spotter choppers directing the water drops.Maybrveven tankers filling up with water.

    1. They have nothing to do with the fires. They are unmarked black helicopters.
      All of the choppers that fly to fight fires are clearly marked in accordance with the law. These are stasi helicopters and that huey is a troop transporter. Got to believe they are putting those “federal agents” in full battle gear in place that are going to help us get our vaccines. It has been stated that half the people in this country will not accept the shot while the other half are being radicalized like retarded monkeys through something as simple as a cloth across their face. Dumber than a dog chasing a blue wiper. Any way to get us to shoot each other. These mid-evil zionists are going to push with every resource they have stolen from us and then sit back and laugh as we kill one another just because half our population are stupid cowards.
      No, I’ve seen a lot of forest service choppers and private fire fighting company choppers and I promise you, these are not they.

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