Unqualified Commanders? Battle Ships Running into Merchant Ships – Why?

I grew up around boats; I’ve had about 5 or 6 of them. I know what the deal is around heavy boating lanes and for the most part, understand right of way rules in shipping lanes. My dad and I regularly navigated in them while fishing marlin, albacore, swordfish you name it. It took us out into big deep water, hundreds of miles offshore.

When you have these big cruisers crashing into huge freighters on a regular basis, there is something seriously wrong with either the competency of the commanders of these ships, or something entirely different is going on here. My first question is why is it only the Americans who are involved in these huge collisions between merchant vessels and our warships?  

There are other huge fleets from around the world that navigate these same waters frequently, what is going on here? Are these commanders even at the helm when this garbage is happening? These shipping lanes are run like a Swiss time piece; everybody knows where everybody else is. Multi-million dollar radar and multi-million dollar satellite auto pilot are used to navigate these ships. I don’t give a damn what kind of weather these ships are in, these systems are state of the art, basically fool proof.

Just like the systems you see in airliners, unbelievably accurate.

Americans build the best systems out there, believe me. So what the hell is going on out there? This time 10 sailors are missing! Last time around 5 died in crews’ quarters flooding below the water line.

These recent incidents have more questions than answers, too much stupid not enough answers.

8 thoughts on “Unqualified Commanders? Battle Ships Running into Merchant Ships – Why?

  1. I might add, ” USS John McCain” how appropriate. Anything attached to this assholes name is a cluster fk.

      1. I was hoping somebody else would say it, thanks Mary. Glad somebody else gets it. Your goddamned right this crap is remote controlled.

        “Too much stupid,not enough answers”

        Military kills its own people, why am I not surprised!

  2. Probably drunk as hell at the helm , but we the people will never be told the truth
    It’s either that or the captain was too busy chasing the first mate

  3. Art of war states “when you are strong, pretend you are weak”

    These types of events make 7th fleet look weak. It also gives a good reason to transfer fleet vessels to a theater of war without much suspicion. Figure 3-5 ships to escort across Pacific for each replacement vessel.

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