Unusual COVID-19 cases discovered in Henan, infection sources unknown, showing strong contagiosity

Global Times

Two unusual COVID-19 cases were reported in Xinxian county in Central China’s Henan Province on Sunday, which shows strong contagiosity and whose sources of infection could not be determined. 

The county has announced it will prolong the quarantine period for people who had been to Wuhan or contacted with Wuhan residents from 14 days to 21 days after discovering the two cases.

One of the two patients, surnamed Wu, was confirmed to have been infected 34 days after returning from Wuhan, Hubei Province. Wu returned to Xinxian on January 14 and went to hospital on January 28. Wu took three nucleic acid tests before being diagnosed.

During this period, Wu attended two family dinner parties and came into contact with 10 people, two of whom have been confirmed to be infected and another three are suspected of being infected.

The other patient, surnamed Ning, was confirmed to be infected 94 days after coming into contact with his father-in-law, surnamed Zhang, who had been to a Wuhan hospital for medical treatment.

Ning began to live with and take care of Zhang on November 13, then moved back to his own home on January 31 after Zhang passed away.

Zhang only left his home three times to go to the supermarket and pharmacy until going to the hospital on January 14.


5 thoughts on “Unusual COVID-19 cases discovered in Henan, infection sources unknown, showing strong contagiosity

  1. I don’t think this corona virus is a hoax.

    I think it’s a real bio-weapon that’s been unleashed to cull the population, take the blame for the economic collapse, and also because the rulers are losing control of their populations.

    Another big problem here is the long incubation period has allowed thousand to fly in from China before this was even discovered. I think this is already brewing and spreading in America, and people should take contagion precautions now.

    “It’s a lot easier to kill a million people than govern a million people” — some crazy congressman said this a couple years ago.

  2. Zbigniew Brzezinski: ” …in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literary, than to physically kill a million people, while today it is infinitely easiest to kill a million people than to control a million people “.

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