16 thoughts on “Update: From the Trenches Shirts are Available.

  1. I must have missed something. Everyday I would watch for the opportunity to order some in the second go around. I guess I somehow missed it or perhaps I waited too long as well. 🙁

  2. Mine arrived while I was away. Like Christmas for me, Millard! 🙂 Will be worn with pride. Wanted to say thank you to Millard and all involved personally for their efforts, not only for t-shirts but for tenacity and testicular fortitude as well! (online is close enough I suppose)

  3. Oh good! I made myself a note to mention this to my husband later today (don’t want to trust my memory). I want one and I want my better half to have one too as well! 🙂

      1. Thanks Martist, I know I will be very pleased with those t-shirts! Like you said, “the truth is priceless” and not only are the shirts themselves priceless, they help to let everyone know about this wonderful website. I offer my thanks and appreciation to Henry, Millard and all of the other good patriots that are in the Trenches!

  4. I wore mine to the gun range yesterday to test fire my “Diggerdan” rifle. The shirt is comfortable and induces pride. My favorite shirt(t-shirt).
    The rifle fired safely. It is a little eager to get the next round loaded and short strokes occasionally. My spotter said the action is so fast he cant see it open and close half the time. No worries. Just needs some tuning and some mag dumps to loosen it up.
    Still looking for an engraver as the one I had lined up is MIA.

    1. My husband and I will be going to the gun range tomorrow. I won’t have one of those Trenches T-shirts though. When I do I will wear it with pride to the gun range and anywhere else for that matter. I hope I can put in my order either later today or tomorrow. 🙂

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