Update: Julian Assange Arrested

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange turns himself in to authorities in London today.  He was arrested and taken to court where he invoked his right to fight extradition to Sweden where he is facing two charges of sexual assault.

Mr. Assange asserts that the charges in Sweden are politically motivated and are indeed retaliation for the documents leaked last week which caused a riff in the international community.

Mr. Assange assets have been frozen in a veiled attempt to shut down WikiLeaks.  He has been denied bail and will be held for extradition hearings.

U. S. authorities say they will not be seeking extradition of Mr. Assange to the United States to face charges as he has broken no law here.

Many are asking the question “Is any journalist safe if those in power disagree with his or her reporting?”

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  1. Henry

    I think today will be a good day for the unemployed. In the past hour I have received 4 phone calls that hooked me up to both of my Congressmen. I can’t hear very well so I talk really loud. I left a message 2 times and talked with a secretary 2 times. Make that 5 phone calls I just got another one — I made my husband answer this one. Make that 6 — I talked with some guy this time he said, “I understand your frustration”, I said do you get paid to answer the phone, he said yes — my response, how can you understand?

  2. Oops — put the above in the wrong place. I’m really not an idiot, just got excited, what I told them was to include the 99ers in the unemployment extension and do not agree to the Bush Tax Cuts.

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