11 thoughts on “Update: Truck driver arrested for refusing to self incriminate.

  1. Need to listen to what this American National is telling us, he is telling us what Henry talks to us about every damn day, I take my hat off to this man, we should all be as strong as him.

    A know many of us are…

    Usually, when we are pulled in we are loaded, so the pigs have the upper hand. If we refuse, we get detained and the load becomes late, then there are issues like loss of job, rock and a hard place.

    This guy was empty, whole other ballgame.

  2. I found an update:

    Awful how they can invade our innocent lives and turn them upside down with requiring so much of our energy to get things straightened out, not to mention our time and our money.

    He’s standing on principle. This is a very interesting case to follow. It takes so much to stand up to these guys and I respect him. I wonder if the mandamus would help him?

    Thanks, Mark.


    1. Thanks for finding that for me, I couldn’t find it. Obstruction my ass, this guy was CLASSICALY obstructed from his Bill of Rights. Almost as horrible as my spelling.

  3. Alert! You are being treated like everyone else in America. We don’t get no special treatment out here, they treat us like 14th am. slaves too!

    1. Yep, when you drive for a living, they have you by the balls. Especially if your loaded with s time sensitive load. These fines they give us(if we dont pass their inspection) are thousands of dollars. Sometimes they hold us for 10 hours or more, we get fined by both the state, and then the employer. If your an owner operator your insurance goes through the roof. The reason why the employer fines us is because their insurance goes up.

      Insurance is like a red light camera scam, easy money. Another Bill of Rights killer.

  4. What interesting is he is going to sue for numerous offenses, one of them is infringement of the 14th amendment, maybe Henry could comment on this.

    1. He’s likely referring to his right to due process. That damn 14th Amendment is so loaded, because on the one hand it sounds all flowery and noble; on the other it stabs American Nationals in the back, and I still have such a limited understanding of it. Yeah, how many times have we heard Henry mention that the 14th turned us into subjects? I so want to understand that so I can speak more confidently about that, spread the word, expose it for what it is.

      Just reading about that amendment on Wikipedia is itself overwhelming because so much was put in there, like a mixing of the issues, from due process, to defining citizenship, to “incorporation.” I feel bad that I still don’t have a full grasp of it but this truck-driver post made me more determined to get it down. Complicated mess, but every time Henry covers it I learn a bit more. Damn, you have to become a scholar just to learn how they’re screwin’ you, but also to learn the way out. Damn.

      Wiki, for what it’s worth:



  5. This gentleman is one of those people I have been talking about. A good person who understands something is terribly wrong and is mad as hell about it, but because he is working seven days a week he doesn’t have the time to find out what has actually happened to him and his rights.
    He portrays himself as a common, good natured man and in the world of human beings and that is what I see in him. But if he could truly understand the lies that make up his folly he would be raging pissed and ready to fight.
    These are the people we are reaching more and more every day. That is why we must continue to pound the Bill of Rights and the fraudulent corporate monarchy and the treachery of the 14th Amendment.
    This is why they try to keep us as poor as they can, so we can’t simply figure out what they have done, which they know leads to the logical conclusion that the only way to meet their brutal unlawful force is with brutal lawful force.
    If any of you would like to read my comment to this gentleman’s video here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTqyCU7iJG8&lc=UgydgbyFEy4DPqtWlzN4AaABAg My comment is at the top right now.

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