Trenchers, the last few days the energy has felt stuck, I mean at a standstill. I’m just writing to say I wish us all strength to keep going and to keep standing strong against the tyranny that every day finds more and more ways to ruin life. So maybe this is an un-asked-for pep talk; maybe ’cause it’s one I need myself.

I made myself remember what we’re doing here (fighting evil) and that made me see who we are (good people), good people who have an absolute right to freedom and therefore to be the navigators of our own lives.

I have to go a little further and say I appreciate and also respect all the Trenchers, from the sweetest to the most ornery.

I see you all show up just about every day, slashin’ up lies and stomping on any demon who would infringe on our Bill of Rights. Often I see fearlessness and grit, unshakable commitment, and determination, and I am swept up into the hands of those I deem are on the right side of things.

It’s hard to express the trust I feel for so many of you, and the awe that is inspired by your tenacity and generosity of spirit. Henry, Laura, John, set the stage, and for that I’ve no adequate words of thanks or appreciation, but just offer the intention that those three be blessed with all they need, not only to make it through all this, but also to somehow thrive, in both health and experience.

So yes, they set the stage, and we all step up to the microphone and give our two cents, which sometimes turns out to be two million cents. Man, the things that are said here, they fly like arrows ever on course to hit the bulls-eye, shredding deception and clearing the way for reality. Truth is a mighty sharp arrow.

So this was my attempt to get the energy unstuck. Only one last thing to say to finish the job: I love you all.

Thanks For Indulging Me,
just one of the archers


11 thoughts on “Us

  1. Blessings from the mountains and desert of far west Texas across the desert southwest and across the Pacific to the Big Island and Hilo!

  2. This year has been the most trying that I can ever recall facing in my lifetime. The psychopaths are going all in with their end-game of population reduction (killing off the sick and elderly), full institution of Socialism and Communism, full implementation of a militaristic police state, and the merger of the human mind with AI to ensure complete mastery and control of the human race. If this isn’t something worth fighting and even dying to defeat, I have no idea what ever would be.

  3. My love to ALL the Trenchers who have the fight in them and take time understand, appreciate and learn the truth and the supreme law of this nation.

    Yes, battle fatigue is a real thing and it’s primarily psychological, but WE here are making ready for the fight which will finally put that mental stress not just to bed, but in the F’g ground where it belongs, covered in dirt and never to be seen again.

    Pace yourselves, keep everything in perspective, remain calm and prepare accordingly for the long haul.


  4. Thanks for these words, you guys. Comforts the soul.

    Want to recommend good movie for the weekend: Warrior, with Nick Nolte, from 2011. Musta been a sleeper ’cause I had never heard of it or seen it. But now I’m sure glad I did. “Warrior.”


  5. When all they want is you dead .. survival and verbal about it at that , is the only way
    If I have to be one to be taken in this war
    Let it be known I fought like a bull with everything I had
    My family and friends are all I have , and I will do wherever is in my power or skills to keep them from the same fate , though at times I may be misunderstood, never let it be because of something unsure in yourself
    With much care and adoration my fair Galen .. We will be Victorious!

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