24 thoughts on “US Air Force Dumping Known Neurotoxin On Houston, Neurotoxin Banned By EU

  1. When I heard they were spraying for mosquitoes, the first thing that came to mind was, they are poisoning the Houstonians.

    Nothing the govt. or affiliates do ever benefit the people, but do great harm in one way or another.

    1. yes Katie….a government that would deliberately attack its own populace with an engineered hurricane certainly does not given a rat’s arse about mosquitoes causing a problem…..the full intent of spraying poison is to continue its attack on our people

    2. Hi Katie.
      I have a newspaper sent to my home from out of state and I just found out they are ‘mosquito’ spraying now in both Salem, Massachusetts and Beverly, Massachusetts. It’s the end of mosquito season there!

      They did this during my entire childhood, every year. We breathed in the very heavy clouds and sprays of poison on the way to school.

      Everyone is indeed being poisoned. Time to storm your City Halls,everyone, if you even think they are mosquito spraying or spraying anything for that matter. Better late than never.

      Don’t let them get away with it anymore. Not to mention they are poisoning us all in a major way and we are paying for our own cancer deaths.

      Then they say, the city doesn’t have enough money in the till so taxes have to go up. Bull. Time to sit on these people.

      1. I grew up in Chicago and recall the spraying as well. Stop voting, stop supporting the 501c3s, stop going to the whitecoats, stop eating the processed garbage they call ‘food’, stop the thievery (taxes) of your labor, stop asking permission (licenses) to go about your business…..educate yourself about the Natural Law as opposed to the legal-fictional law that has been upon us for hundreds if not thousands of years …..just my opinion here as to how to free yourself from the beast 🙂

  2. it is pronounced.. NAL-ed, and it is the EXACT pesticide that was used to fight the ‘zika virus’ down in florida. the side effects of naled are the same as they purport the zika virus as. mainly brain encephaly…. but that’s none of my business.
    henry likes to delete my posts here, as i may use an obscene word other than f#@k.

    this is why i dont send him money.

    the comment picture of trump with the jew king bibi… i made the comment, please cum all over me.


    but hey…. you jesus lovers take your ‘freedom’ wherever you want it.

    i have no room in my life for a buy-bull.

    i live my life as an honest, respectful sovereign.

    and if henry likes to ban my comments.. he is able and entitled
    to do that.

    it is his sight.

    for now.

    until they pull it, cuz he refused to bring us non-christ worshippers into his fold.

    1. I make no claim of Christianity, but when mental midgets like you come on the site spewing pure vulgar filth, I feel obligated to the decent women who frequent this site to curb the filthy tongue.
      Your filth adds nothing to the conversation, it just demeans our site and shows the caliber of your intellect. It’s called class and I see people like you as trying to harm the site. People like you drive good people away. Maybe in your world a man wants his wife or daughter reading filth. I think our people are better than that.
      Shove your money up your ass. I don’t want anything from people like you. Your words do not invoke, they offend.
      This site probably will be taken down, but it will not be because I wouldn’t let people like you spew filth, it will be because too many decent people will be finding the truth.
      Hope this clears everything up for you. You say one more thing about our people or this site and you will not be here, period.

    2. Much better to be a “Jesus lover” than a saytn lover. You’ll find out.
      I hope Henry does ban you. Your nonsense distracts us from the real issues. That’s what you are really doing here. Go away.

    3. Drop dead you troll freak, you come on here respect the site or take you freak talk somewhere else. We are trying to accomplish something here, not baby sit some freak looking for some sick kind of redemption.

    4. “but hey…. you jesus lovers take your ‘freedom’ wherever you want it.”

      Gee… we actually have your PERMISSION?

      How magnanimous of you. We’re ever so deeply in your debt.

      This site would probably be more to your liking (just don’t use the ‘j word’ there…


      Or perhaps this one…


      “i live my life as an honest, respectful sovereign.”

      In addition to being an idiot?

  3. I’m not a Christian, either.
    And I’ve been censored all over the place. LoL.
    Atrax, just type some — or &%##^* in the cuss words and I’m sure you’ll be fine.
    As Henry once told me, “This is not a beer hall in the ghetto.”
    And he’s right, It’s not. I should know, I’ve been in a few ghetto style beer halls.
    I will tell you the one great thing about Henry’s site. You can type the word Jew in here all day long and it won’t get censored. Jew Jew Jew Jew.
    Henry’s not in the business of shoveling sh-t for Schlomo.

    1. Myra, check out the radio broadcast too, it’s shown at the top of the page. Best thing going, imo. Check out the archives too.

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