US aircrafts are fatigue, as Washington declares missile strike

Threats and then missile strikes fell on Syria from the US and their allies. All of the threats are once again based on fake statements and staged shootings of “White Helmets” about the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad. Again, the theatrical performance became the reason for armed aggression against a sovereign country. Washington decided to act in the English style: “pass sentence, then make a decision.” Nobody wanted to clarify the truth, US President D. Trump had to make a missile strike on Syria as soon as possible. It was done to weaken the legitimate government and unbind hand of the “terrorist-like smelling” opposition.  

The US threatened with its “smart”, unique, modern, reliable air equipment that is not afraid of contraction and will fulfill the combat mission in any conditions. However, US-British strikes against Syria proved to be truly ineffective. 71out of 103 missiles were shot down. There is no significant damage, among servicemen, too. Why that could happen?

Judging by the latest publications in American and European media, the US Air Force plunged into “poverty and a global crisis.” Because of the lack of necessary funding, the “American Falcons” do not perform scheduled air equipment replacement; do not carry out the necessary maintenance. They only extend the equipment service life. The patriotism of the flight crew is so “high”, that personnel “runs”
to civil aviation for a more peaceful and comfortable life. The command of the US Air Force does not deny this fact. As the former deputy chief of staff of aviation reconnaissance, Lieutenant-General D. Deptula said that at present the US Air Force is at the smallest and most incompetent state in history. He notes that only about 40% of the US B-52 and B-1 bombers are ready for take-off, and the famous F-22 and F-35 are far from being perfect. They “lose the game” to the Russian Su-35s and are very much “afraid” of the S- 400 anti-missile system.

In addition, aviation accidents involving the US Air Force technique have become more frequent recently. Last week, two helicopters and two aircrafts, including the “old man” F-16, fell killing 7 people. The remaining military pilots refuse to fly using the faulty and old equipment.

Judging by the state of the US Air Force, Washington does not need to spend that much money and resources on strikes against anti-terrorist forces. The United States should seriously think about its capabilities in a modern air war.

Firas Samuri

4 thoughts on “US aircrafts are fatigue, as Washington declares missile strike

  1. “….The United States should seriously think about its capabilities in a modern air war….”

    All the thinking’s been done. We’re scheduled to lose WW3, and that’s why we have a gay military with crumbling equipment.

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