US approves $1 billion for Israeli missile systems

The US House of Representatives is set to allocate nearly USD one billion for the 2013 fiscal year for Israel’s missile systems.

On Monday, the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee appropriated USD 947 million for the Iron Dome, “David’s Sling” and a long-range Arrow missile program.

Hey you, 100 million unemployed, and you 50 million living in deep poverty, this is where the wealth of your country is going as you are left to starve to death in the streets.

4 thoughts on “US approves $1 billion for Israeli missile systems

  1. I don’t know about you but I think there are more than enough missles in this world and I sure as hell don’t want to pay for anymore for Israel or anybody else. This is one big shame they’ll probly have China or Russia build them. The Military Industrial Complex has gotten out of hand and so has Congress the senate and AIPAC.

      1. They already have nukes and I’m sure this last deal includes the lastest. Remember this is what they are talking about, how much goes on that you never hear anything about?

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