US Army Refuses To Fire On Americans – Is THIS Why The Russians Are Here?

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

This video, a compilation of several recent videos, was submitted to YouTube on July 29th 2013 by David Vose and outlines what appears to be the reason that Barack Obama has brought in thousands and thousands of foreign soldiers to America: The US Army WILL NOT fire upon American citizens.

Will Russian or other foreign soldiers do Barack Obama’s ‘dirty work’ for him? According to David, we have very little time left and watching present day events unfolding all around us, I agree, we’re going to lose our country if Americans do not awaken from the deep slumber they are in, and fast. To all the wonderful men and women who continue to uphold your Oaths to the United States Constitution, I thank you for putting the ‘Peace’ back in ‘Peace Officer’.

7 thoughts on “US Army Refuses To Fire On Americans – Is THIS Why The Russians Are Here?

  1. Naturally, what else did one expect when that 29 Palms Military Base survey was done…one question was if American troops when ordered to, would fire on the American people, and only 25 percent answered “yes”, meaning 75 percent said “no”. I know for a fact (having read it over 15 years ago) that Chinese troops are in Mexico fairly close to the Arizona border…eyewitnesses have stated as such. I do not believe it is just bogus “conspiracy theory”. And aren’t there Russian troops in the area of the northern Rockies? These may be false, but if I was in the elites, I’d use foreign troops for sure.

  2. It goes both ways. Americans will have absolutely no qualms with killing foreign troops in the US and you can sure they won’t be taking too many prisoners unless it’s to brutalize them first

    I sure would not want to be a Chinese soldier trying to subdue patriots in Texas.

  3. Once again, if we are supposed to be at war with China and Russia over Syria and Iran, then why the hell are we bringing their troops here? I’m beginning to think the war in the Middle East is a distraction for the takeover of the U.S. From there, the takeover of the Middle East will be pretty easy for the elite. We are the only people who can stop them. Taking control of our country is vital to their success. We must never give up and never surrender! Death to the NWO! WE THE PEOPLE SHALL PREVAIL!!!

  4. The reason the PTB want to install martial law is because of the debt. As with getting a loan for a car and one fails payment, the “repo man” comes and takes the property. It is the same for any loans, all legal via contract backed by the Uniform Commercial Code (hint: that is where IT all starts). The National Parks and most State Parks and other lands were used as collateral for the Loans. So when the troops arrive from other countries disguise by the MSM as being here to help restore order, in reality it will be the repo man coming to take what is his.

    Having the troops overseas is all part of the plan. The whole M.E. mess is nothing more than a set up for the military fall of America.
    We are about to see a massive “double-cross” by several of Americas so called Allies (in reality, they never were).

    Possession is nine-tenths of the law.
    Force (either to take or to hold onto) is the other “tenth.”

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