US Athletes Kneel Down during Israel’s National Anthem, Draw Accusations of ‘Anti-Semitism’

The Palestine Chronicle

The politically-symbolic act of two young American athletes has been dubbed ‘antisemitic’ by Israel’s supporters on social media and among the various organizations that promote Israel’s interests in the United States. 

The controversy started when two volleyball players from Brooklyn College decided to kneel down during Israel’s national anthem, ahead of a match against Yeshiva University. 

The symbolic act by two athletes, Hunnan Butt and Omar Rezika, was meant as a political protest against the Israeli occupation and apartheid policies in Palestine.

The kneeling gesture is a common act of political protest in sports, made particularly popular by NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The African-American athlete, along with many others, has repeatedly kneeled down during the American national anthem to protest racism, police brutality, and the mistreatment of African-Americans and other minorities in the US.

Butt and Rezika attempted to use that form of protest as a way of raising awareness of Israel’s racist, apartheid policies in Palestine.

Pro-Israel individuals and institutions, however, immediately dubbed the symbolic act as one of “antisemitism” and “hatred”.

“Brooklyn College strongly condemns all forms of anti-Semitism and hatred,” a Brooklyn College spokesman told the YU student newspaper, the Observer, adding that “the two students who knelt during the national anthem did not refuse to shake hands with players from the other team.”

Writing in the Palestine Chronicle, Palestinian author and journalist Ramzy Baroud said that “while anti-Jewish racism is a real phenomenon that must be confronted, ‘antisemitism’, as defined by Israel and its Zionist allies .. is a smokescreen, with the ultimate aim of distracting from the real conversation, that being the crimes of military occupation, racism, and apartheid in Palestine.”

The Palestine Chronicle

6 thoughts on “US Athletes Kneel Down during Israel’s National Anthem, Draw Accusations of ‘Anti-Semitism’

  1. Yeshiva University is in Manhattan (I’ve seen it there plus there’s a subway stop nearby). Why in the blue blazes should the Israeli National Anthem be played when the two teams are both in parts of NYC? In the US? EVERY Brooklyn College player should have protested that! And did the Yeshiva team honor the national anthem of the country they live in or were born in?

    What with lying about the two students not shaking hands with the YUs students that group just overplayed their hand (as all “antisemitism” groups are now, which will only make it worse for the average Jew, but they don’t care obviously)…but bear in mind, a Jew can lie to a gentile sayeth the Talmud.

  2. Israel is not our country. Plain and simple. I don’t see how that’s anti-semitic.

    When I was teaching in China, I never stood up for the Chinese anthem and even the Chinese teachers and students understood this and basically insisted that I don’t stand for it because China is not my country. It’s common sense.

    Hell, I thought that was the theme for all government propaganda: “Common sense legislation”. I guess that only pertains to whatever the Zionists deem as “common sense”.

  3. By the way, how can Israel have a national anthem? They don’t even have a country. They are occupying Palestine. There is no such country as Israel. What a joke!

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