US Bill of Rights Repealed

The National Defense Authorization Act containing Section 1031 (indefinite detention) was passed in the US House and Senate Wednesday on Bill of Rights Day.  The legislation is now headed for the White House and President Obama has said he will sign it.  This is a blatant act of treason against we the people.  This legislation is a complete nullification/repeal of our Bill of Rights.

Even the Congressmen and Senators, the few who spoke out against this outrage, did so only in the context that they didn’t agree with the language describing who is an enemy combatant.  They are every one of them, guilty of treason.  When this legislation was brought to the House floor, any one of them who was truly a patriot could have called for the Sergeant of Arms to arrest the individual presenting Section 1031 and every co-sponsor.

Our so called government is infiltrated by insurgents led by the foreigner Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama.  Remember when Obama ran for president, part of his resume was his extensive study in Constitutional Law, which is to say the treasonous bastard will be acting with malice and forethought when he signs the document that repeals our Bill of Rights and institutes a soviet police state in our country, complete with military police accountable only to the supreme soviet, of which Obama is premier.

The definition of who is a terrorist will be anyone who opposes the insurgent government carrying out this coup.  Be advised.  If you voice your support for Ron Paul who is vowing to take down this insurgency, you are, by this definition, anti-government, hence an enemy combatant.

The insurgents from within our government have seen we the people step up and declare that we are going to enforce the laws contained in our Constitution.  So how have they countered?  By making even talking about enforcing our laws an unlawful activity under the new insurgent government.  This legislation does eliminate our every right under our Bill of Rights without specifically mentioning any of them.

The 1st Amendment guarantees the citizen the right to freedom of religion, to a redress of grievance, to peaceably assemble, and publicly speak freely on any subject.  After this legislation is signed, any attempt to enforce this right on the insurgent government will be an anti-government act and the person acting (speaking) against the government will be an enemy combatant.  So if you try to exercise your 1st Amendment Right in speaking out against the insurgency to a congregation in a church with a reporter present, you can be snatched and made to disappear and in reality secretly executed.

The 2nd Amendment guarantees the citizen the right to own and bear arms for the purpose of defending his or herself against government incursions upon his or her individual freedoms and liberties as outlined in our Bill of Rights.  Well after this legislation is signed, if it can be determined that you have weapons for the purpose of stopping the government from nullifying/repealing your Bill of Rights, you are automatically an armed anti-government combatant by definition.  And as aerial drones are already being used on civilians by the Gestapo/police in this country, I promise you it will be 110% expected that the military will start attacking citizens holding guns, ammunition, and other supplies for the purpose of defending against the very government action that this treasonous legislation represents.

The 3rd Amendment says that no soldiers will be quartered in our homes.  As things stand after this legislation is signed the military can enter our homes and take anything they want, including our homes.  Of course they will be free to rape or kill any one of us without restraint or consequence.

The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Amendments are the due process of the law for our Bill of Rights.  Once this legislation is signed these rights will no longer exist.

The 9th Amendment, the enumeration of rights to dispel other rights, was nullified long ago after the Civil War when the federal central government declared itself superior to the States and their citizens within all issues.  How many politically correct laws have been enacted that give special rights to groups of individuals while nullifying those guaranteed in our Bill of Rights?  Affirmative action, hate speech, gay rights, and prayer banned in our schools, just to name a few.

And finally the 10th Amendment references our States’ rights.  Well if you think you are going to retain any portion of your rights through your State Constitution and Bill of Rights, guess again, as the treasonous insurgents and their treasonous Supreme Court have spent the last 146 years since the end of the Civil War establishing that state law is automatically nullified by federal dictate.

We the free patriotic people of the United States must refuse and counter attack this attempted coup.  This is why our founding fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment, because in realty our Bill of Rights exists only within the body of we the people and we must enforce it.

The Bill of Rights should never have been attached to the Constitution.  The Bill of Rights should have been the supreme law with the Constitution subservient.  This is why the attorneys, the twisters of truth, had the Bill of Rights inserted as the original 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

The Bill of Rights is a contract between we the people, one and to the other, declaring the freedoms and liberties therein as absolute and never changing.  This is why the word ‘inalienable’ is used in describing our rights.

The Constitution is a separate contract, describing the limited powers we the people will allow our government under the condition of good service.  When the two contracts were adjoined, the subject matter of one being subservient government power (the Constitution), the other being the absolute superior power of the people (the Bill of Rights), the final document held within its body two subject matters repugnant to and in opposition of one another.

When there is a question as to supremacy of power that question has to be ongoing.  And in the government’s unceasing endeavor to take the supremacy of power from we the people, they have used the Constitution and the powers granted to the government therein to nullify the second contract, which really has no place in the Constitution as previously mentioned.  The government cannot nullify any portion of our Bill of Rights as this absolutely is not a power we granted to our government.

Section 1031 of the National Defense Authorization Act is an open declaration of war against the right of the supremacy for the people.  And any soldier who does not make it his or her absolute priority to put down this coup will go down in the annuls of our history as a traitor for the absolute violation of the oath.

If any soldier comes onto our streets attempting to enforce the Constitution void of our Bill of Rights, he or she will not be within their oath as they will be enforcing a totalitarian, police state, dictatorship. Without our Bill of Rights all our Constitution becomes is an open forum wherein total unchecked government power is just simply written in.

Any capitulation by our military is not only a violation of the individual oath to our Constitution but is a betrayal to we the people,, under our shared contract, our Bill of Rights.

No matter the quarter, we the American people,, must fight to the death in every instance wherein the insurgents in this treasonous government try to violate our inalienable rights through this unconstitutional treasonous insurgent policy.

To all reading this article, if you are a patriot you will spread this article to every quarter and every forum you can reach.  We are at the point that to do nothing is to capitulate.  This may be our last chance to speak out before the police state becomes absolute.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “US Bill of Rights Repealed

    1. You do realize that any challenge to this law would be an anti-government act by definition and anyone putting forth such challenge can simply disappear forever. This is why this action can only be described as a declaration of war against we the people.

  1. You’re exactly right, Henry. That seems to be their plan. Bye, bye free speech……….go directly to jail……….forever. John Smith ?…………..Never heard of him. It’s pretty amazing, and pretty damn scary, that in the two years that I have been frequenting your site, Henry, that the situation in this country has gone from bad, to worse, to unbeleivable ! Thinking back, those seem like innocent times, compared to what’s happening now. If Dr. Paul isn’t elected, we both know what’s going to happen, and it won’t be pretty !!!

  2. Remember, the federal judges are appointed by the senate and president. These are the same scumbags who created NDAA 2012.

  3. NDAA is a nightmare. A law that makes us AFRAID to Speak up against it. Think your to kind. I would face more due process in China or the Former Soviet Union. Makes me afraid to be a American and Shamed. Found out my father was 3/4 Native American that he lied. I was mad about it till I found out that up and till the 50s you could legally kill native Americans in some States off Reservation. That they in effect had no rights and wear treated like coyotes and wear covered by vermin laws. Nice to know we came so far and now we are all-equal.Now No one has rights.

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