US, Canada And Mexico Win Bid To Host 2026 World Cup

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

While NAFTA may be a distant memory in 2026, moments ago the NAFTA nations of US, Canada and Mexico won the right to host the 2026 football World Cup, marking the first time the tournament will be hosted by three countries, and overcoming reluctance in some countries to hand the prize to American President Donald Trump, according to the FT.

The joint North American bid, dubbed “United 2026,” (and also dubbed the NAFTA Cup) defeated Morocco in the race to hold one of the world’s biggest sporting events, following a vote on Wednesday by more than 200 member nations of FIFA.  

As the NYT reports, during the public ballot held at FIFAs annual congress meeting in Moscow  – just one day before the opening match of this year’s World Cup in Russia – members voted 134-65 in support of the joint North American bid.

That said, the decision is hardly a major surprise as the so-called “United” bid was considered a strong favorite after promising $11bn in profits to Fifa, far more than any previous World Cup. In other words, another quid-pro-quo, most of which will be financed with the issuance of US Treasuries. The bribe pledge was more than double the $5bn in profits offered by Morocco.

As the FT further adds, an inspection task force released its long-awaited technical assessments on the two bids, and rated the North American bid highly, as all the infrastructure to hold the event is already in place. The inspectors judged Morocco to be a far riskier proposition since the country plans to build nine new stadiums and must renovate existing ones to host the event.

The US will hold the vast majority of matches, including the final.

Even so, the decision was not without its controversies, and in the run up to the vote, Fifa officials and others close to the process said they were concerned that attitudes towards Donald Trump were having an effect on how nations intended to vote, particularly those in Africa who resented the president’s description of them as “shithole countries”.

4 thoughts on “US, Canada And Mexico Win Bid To Host 2026 World Cup

  1. When the US or Canada or Mexico starts using SLAVE LABOR to build these “stadiums” like Dubai did in 2016 (or whatever year, don’t follow this nonsense–saw it on Gawker), let me know. And, just like the Super Bowl and the Olympics and Premier League and all that, the World Cup is rigged to the teeth. Other than Texas A&M Aggies, I can’t follow sports anymore (but would have liked to see Justify win Triple Crown…don’t have TV anymore)

  2. This is all part of the neuro-linguistic programming getting people to view us as ONE nation or ONE people. It will help to make a wall between us seem silly, and ensure the belief that everyone is an American citizen, worthy of free handouts.
    Trump is part of this, I’m sure….israel wants us diluted.

  3. In 150 to 200 years there is going to be just one race, a kind of brown . One race, one language and one currency. That’s the plan kids.

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