US Citizenship through Treason for Bin Laden Doctor

The US State Department is outraged.  Apparently Shakil Afridi, the Pakistani doctor who assisted US intelligence in their attempt to identify Osama Bin Laden’s family and establish that they were living in Pakistan, has just been convicted of treason and sentenced to thirty years hard labor by the Pakistani government.  How dare they?

Personally I believe that this whole dog and pony show is nothing more than an attempt to add some kind of credibility to the “Barack Obama killed Osama Bin Laden” story, which can be considered nothing more than a story as Bin Laden had already been killed several times prior to the Pakistan production.

I mean did anybody really believe that Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan and immediately taken out to sea and dumped to preserve his standing with Allah?  And of course when you add in the fact that the Navy Seal Team that were the actors in this production, wound up all being on the same helicopter which was shot down in Afghanistan, killing everyone who could have disputed the “Obama killed Osama” story, well come on, people.

At any rate, this fella, Shakil Afridi, was caught working with a foreign government to facilitate an invasion of his country.  He was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced.  And now the US government wants him released.  This is laughable.

Does everyone remember who Benedict Arnold was?  Had our founding fathers caught the treasonous son of a bitch, he would have been promptly strung up on the nearest tree with a limb that would support his weight.

Just who in the hell do these people in the US State Department think they are?  By all rights, the Pakistanis could have put this treasonous bastard up against the wall and executed him and been completely within their rights.  Which begs the question, what kind of precedence is Hillary the Hutt and the US State Department trying to set, one that says that if you commit treason against your country in aiding the United States, we will not allow your government to punish you?

So what is supposed to happen here?  Is the Pakistani government supposed to release this traitor?  And what, maybe Hillary arranges for him to come to the United States and move in with Chinese dissident, Chen Guangcheng?

See this for what it is – an attempt to assert international authority through the one world socialist cabal.  Does anyone really wonder why the other nations of the world despise the United States government?  Could it be because our Zionist controlled officials are trying to dissolve all national sovereignty and establish a one world government?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “US Citizenship through Treason for Bin Laden Doctor

  1. And the drama goes on and on. And it will get more and more exciting as we get closer to the election, and the chosen one becomes a hero with a halo above his head. And the masses bow down with their asses in the air, heads not towards Mecca, but towards the white house

  2. Clear vision comes from the consciousness of the soul and not the eyes.Congratulations,Mr.Shivley,your commentary,impressive as it is provocative seems to this individual to become more enlightened almost by the day.

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