US Coal Heist and Chinese Fences

As the wounded US economy hangs on by a thread, the international insurgents within our government are launching an assault on one of our last pillars of industry.  The people of the United States hold claim to the largest coal reserves on the planet and this is one of the reasons our economy has not yet succumbed to total destruction.

New laws being implemented by the EPA should prove sufficient to destroy this last pillar and further facilitate the total rape of all of our natural resources.  These new EPA rules are designed to make the use of coal to produce energy in the United States economically unfeasible, and of course the legislation forbids the construction of any new plants that use coal as an energy source.

The traitors within our government are presently working to facilitate the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  This treaty legislation would effectively single out US coal plants and arbitrarily enforce environmental laws upon them while other nations a party to the treaty would be exempt.  This on its face is nothing more than the further deliberate destruction of the United States and its sovereignty.

Most of our industry has already been dismantled and shipped to other countries around the world and our raw resources continue to be stolen in order to facilitate the manufacture for these formerly US plants.  China is building a new coal burning facility every week and is the number one polluter on the planet.  As we watch our US coal plants shut down one after another, we are already seeing a big push for massive export of our coal to China.

A handful of ultra elitists in this country will continue to amass fortunes from our coal as the rest of us sink deeper into the third world.  Many may wonder how our vast resources ended up in the hands of a few.  Well it went something like this.  “Mr. Money Man, if you finance the mining of the coal and the construction of the electric plants that will burn it, you can have the coal for free if you will employ some of our people through the industry.”

Of course these were all backroom deals and the traitors in our government at that time had no authority to hand over our nation’s resources to a select, already very wealthy, few.  And now, after a hundred years of manipulation, these international elitists simply want to take the rest of our coal and ship it to China to run our industrial base that has already been stolen and shipped there.

If we the people of the United States are to ever regain control of our government and our destiny, we must first regain control of our natural resources.  There must be trials and punishment for the ultra elitists who have been robbing us blind for the past hundred years.  These are gangsters who muscled their way into control of our resources and as this mafia activity was and is across the board in every state, there has been no chance to stop it until now.

We must make sure that as a part of this Revolution; we punish these thieves and take back everything they have stolen.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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