US Deep State, Democrats, Cindy McCain setting up circumstances for civil war

Press TV – by Mark Dankof

I think it’s noteworthy when one looks at Friedman’s comments that Thomas Friedman, Adam Schiff, and Anderson Cooper, CNN are all Jewish and that gets into the bigger issue on this story.

As a matter of fact, when you start talking about democracy, any semblance of democracy in this country died on November 22nd, 1963 when the Meyer Lansky Ben-Gurion assassination plot against JFK proved to be successful. And of course, it is widely known through such publications as what Lawrence Gaynor has published on this, the UNS review and what Michael Collins Piper said about this in his book ‘Final Judgment’ that the Israeli Mossad and Ben-Gurion played a major role in the assassination of JFK in conjunction with James Jesus Angleton of the anti-Castro Cuban exiles, and that this is the actual center of this plot, which has led to the demise of the fortunes of the United States ever since. You’ll not hear Friedman, Schiff, or Anderson Cooper or CNN talking about any of this.

And I wish to mention that simply to contextualize the case against Donald Trump now.

One does not have to like Donald Trump. One does not have to like his foreign policy. I certainly don’t, but it’s the same foreign policy that you’re going to get with Biden and Kamala Harris who are both committed Zionists.

When you look at the case against Trump, that is largely a case that is being drummed up by a lot of people with major Zionist connections. There’s a Russia gate which involves the Fusion GPS, which is of course linked to the Democratic National Committee and to Hillary Clinton, we have John McCain tied up in that and McCain was carrying this Russia gate steel dossier to the FBI, with the idea in mind that it would be introduced to the FISA courts without the source of this information being known to the judges.

Then there’s Ukraine gate with the media and Anderson Cooper, in particular, were attempting to stir that up when all of the evidence of Ukraine pointed to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden’s having been directly involved in Victoria Nuland’s illegal coup d’etat in that country in February of 2014, which subsequently resulted in Joe Biden’s profiting and his son profiting in that coup, with a relationship with the Burisma company to the tune of millions of dollars.

Then the next step that tried to discredit Trump was COVID-19. And in that particular case, COVID-19 has had a major impact on the American economy, but we now learned from Ron Paul and from Michael Borris in the vortex that there have been only 10,000 people who’ve died in the United States of COVID-19. Virtually every other COVID-19 death in this country has occurred with people who are of advanced age, and with two or three very serious life-threatening medical conditions.

All of this has resulted in a shutdown, of course, that has impacted the economy in an election year. And this too is a part of the Democratic plan to get rid of Donald Trump, a democratic party that is overwhelmingly Zionist and Jewish in orientation.

Fascinatingly enough Trump has given Israel absolutely everything that they have demanded in regard to their own situation in Palestine in the occupied territories and at Jerusalem. He is also illegitimately threatening war with Iran on Netanyahu’s behalf. So it’s utterly amazing to me that the Jews have spent this much time in absolute animosity toward Trump, presumably over issues where he’s not on the same page with them.

As far as these mail-in ballots are concerned, Paul Craig Roberts has told the real story on that. These mail-in ballots are nothing more than a democratic fraud because everyone knows the Democratic Party has a very strong relationship with the US Postal Unions and that there is every bit of circumstantial evidence that will suggest that it will be in those areas of the country where Trump is known to be running strongly and Republican areas that will have the most difficulties with these mail-in ballots and with the security of those mailed-in balance.

Now this gets to the last two issues I’ll mention as quickly as possible: the culture wars. You had a Jewish Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the leader of the pro-Zionist, pro-LGBTQ pro-abortion on demand faction that has taken over the Democratic Party and that has hijacked American culture in the last 50 years.

These latest attempts to try and get at Donald Trump are because the far left, the Marxist left in the United States, the Jewish Zionist left in the United States is concerned that our traditional Roman Catholic by the name of Amy Coney Barrett will in fact be nominated to and be confirmed by the Senate for a position on the Supreme Court, which will potentially reverse, some really bad jurisprudence that occurred in this country with Roe vs. Wade, in January of 1973. And then of course in 2015 with the Obergefell decision where Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of four Jewish judges who of course voted to impose gay marriage and all the states in this country that did not lawfully recognize it up to that point.

This then brings us to the final thing that I’ll say that helps to contextualize where Friedman is coming from and all of this, along with Adam Schiff, and Anderson Cooper and CNN and all the rest of them. And that is the whole business of war. Tyler Durden has written a great piece for Zero Hedge underscoring the fact that John McCain has 100 aides to the late senator John McCain who has now endorsed Joe Biden. Why? Because as Tyler Durden points out in Zero Hedge: Joe Biden unbelievably is an even more dangerous candidate on the issue of war and peace than is Donald Trump.

If that can be believed, and I certainly do believe that, why is it that Cindy McCain, the widow of late Senator John McCain, who has never met a war he didn’t like? John McCain was heavily connected to the Zionists, John McCain was involved in supporting the MEK against Iran. John McCain was involved in supporting ISIS and al-Qaeda against President Assad in Syria. Why is Cindy McCain endorsing Joe Biden and speaking out so strongly on his behalf? Because Cindy McCain knows that what Tyler Durden is saying is true, and that is that the McCain industry, the McCain faction in this country, and Cindy McCain’s Father Jim Hensley was a bag man for the Meyer Lansky Israeli crime syndicate, the state of Arizona, all of Cindy’s money came from her late father, which came from Meyer Lansky that money is what has financed John McCain’s entire political career up until the time of his death.

This is how tight these connections are and so when we see Cindy McCain working with Joe Biden, and with Thomas Friedman and Adam Schiff and Anderson Cooper and so forth and so on, being tied into this whole business of suggesting that the election will only be rigged if Trump wins then you can understand why this is something where I do agree with Thomas Friedman on one point.

If the Democrats and the Deep State and the Cindy McCain faction of the Republican Party working with Netanyahu and the Deep State don’t get what they want, then they will in fact attempt to delegitimize the election going even beyond Russia gate, going even beyond the steel dossier, going even beyond Ukraine gate and the COVID-19 falsification of statistics, to potentially setting up the circumstances for civil war in this country. A civil war over the economy, a civil war over foreign policy, a civil war over whether or not this Jewish elite and Jewish finance elite ought to continue to be running both the foreign policy of the United States and its domestic culture as well as the Federal Reserve Board. That’s what’s involved in this entire situation.

Trump is virtually giving Israel everything at once. So it’s rather breathtaking to see this amount of overwhelmingly Jewish-Zionist animosity toward Trump, but I think that gets into a bigger picture that we don’t have time to discuss, except to say that if Thomas Friedman and people of his ilk want to see a civil war in the United States that the American right will give them more than they can handle.

Mark Dankof is an American political analyst, pastor, broadcaster and former US Senate candidate who is based in San Antonio, Texas. He recorded this article for Press TV website.

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