US dual policy towards Iran doomed to fail: Analyst

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A political analyst says the United States government’s call for talks with Tehran is completely unhelpful because Washington has adopted a dual policy towards Iran,Press TV reports.

“Americans have this very odd concept of, as they call it, carrot and stick approach, meaning they offer you something at the same time they hit you over the head with the stick and that is exactly what they are offering, I guess, right now,” Denis Halliday said in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

Speaking at the 49th annual Munich Security Conference in Germany on February 2, US Vice President Joe Biden said Washington was ready to hold direct talks with Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program.

Only 4 days later, the US government imposed new sanctions on Iran’s energy sector. The sanctions, which took effect on Wednesday, prevent Iran from gaining access to earnings garnered from its crude exports. 

The sanctions require the importing countries to keep their payments at home and only release them in return for purchases of goods from them by Iran, to effectively lock up Iranian oil revenues overseas.

“It makes no sense to me and they forget of course that Iran is an ancient country, a sovereign state and there is no way that the government and the people of Iran need to accept this weird approach from the United States,” Halliday pointed out.

He added that the US officials’ claims that the anti-Iran sanctions do not target the Iranian nation are false and reality proves to be otherwise.

“This pressure tactic at this moment makes no sense to me. That is a typical confused output from Washington,” Halliday stated.

The analyst further noted that the United States’ wrong policy towards Iran have also affected Washington’s relations with China and Russia which have backed Iran regardless of the US sanctions against the country.

“Relations with Russia and China are both in a sad state of affairs. The Russian relationship is somewhat damaged and they are now organizing military activity in the Pacific which again is threatening China because the Americans are afraid that China is becoming a significant military power which in the reality of the Pentagon budget of course really makes no sense,” Halliday concluded.


2 thoughts on “US dual policy towards Iran doomed to fail: Analyst

  1. the realy stupid thing about this, is it’s all backwards.

    america needs oil & gas and is broke.

    israel has no oil or gas and does nothing but take america’s oil, gas and money.
    (and they are terrorists)
    iran has oil and gas to sell / trade.

    why the hell is america friends with worthless israel and threatening iran,
    when it should be friends with iran, and doing a “war on terror” all over israel?

    obvious answer – jews, jewish infiltration of the u.s. government.
    america needs it’s government purged of jews and treasonous traitors.

    once it’s done, the method & model can be applied to cleaning up other governments too.

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