US Homicide Rate A.D. 1885-2012

Adask’s Law

I received a copy of the following graph by email.  I don’t know who prepared the graph nor can I verify the numbers presented.  However, the evidence “rings true” with me so I assume it’s correct. The implications are fairly obvious and significant:

1) The “wild west”–when virtually everyone had access to firearms–had a much lower homicide rate than was ever seen under any measure of “gun control”.  

2) As more guns reenter society under the guise of concealed carry, the homicide rate is declining.

3) Given that the homicide rate is already declining, the government must have an ulterior motive for promoting gun control.  Their current excuses for gun control are lies.

4) Guns save far more lives than they take.

Homicide Rates2

Sent to us by a reader.

5 thoughts on “US Homicide Rate A.D. 1885-2012

  1. Government propaganda + the truth = oil + water

    The same mutual exclusivity works with;
    Gun Control;
    Barrack Obama;
    US elections;
    Big Banks;
    The Federal Reserve;
    and anything the US government says.

  2. Interesting chart. The chart doesn’t look like it is normalized to population. Population in 1886 was about 55 million or about 1/6 the population of today. If the chart were normalized to population, it looks like violence as a percent of population overall, is slightly smaller today than during the days of the wild west.

    1. Jayme, just running a few numbers through a calculator, I believe the graph shows deaths per 100,000 people, which is why it goes from 0 to 12 on the left side of the graph. Therefore it should be normalized to population.

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