US looks to train at least 40,000 forces in Syria


US and allied forces in eastern Syria need to complete training between 35,000 to 40,000 local troops to establish stability in eastern Syria following the defeat and expulsion of the Daesh terror group in those areas, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford said.

“We estimate about 35,000 to 40,000 local forces have to be trained and equipped in order to provide stability,” Dunford said at a Washington Post event on Thursday. “We are probably somewhere along the line of 20 percent through the training of those forces.”   

Dunford explained that the stabilization process would need to continue for an indefinite period of time in eastern Syria.

“With regard to stabilization we still have a long way to go. We can say our presence in Syria right now is sustainable and can be adjusted based on conditions,” he said.

Dunford gave no details of the number of US Special Operations Command troops that were currently operating in eastern, Syria, but he did say there were no plans to evacuate them.
When asked if the US forces in eastern Syria would be maintained in the region for the foreseeable future, Dunford replied, “No. That’s right… They’re not leaving any time soon.”
The training of local forces was necessary to re-establish effective local government and services in the region including sewage, law and order and electric power, Dunford said.

4 thoughts on “US looks to train at least 40,000 forces in Syria

  1. In other words, the US is training a new coalition of terrorists to try to remove Assad from power.

    Sure glad ta-payer dollars are spent to wisely; So Syria can get a Rothschild’s bank.

    Our ‘Khaki Heroes’ must be sooooo proud, ‘aiding and abetting’.

  2. I still can’t believe the young people are still stupid enough to join the corporate military, all so they can get free education (that is, if our government in occupation even offers that anymore). Hell, our degrees and college education ain’t even worth the paper its printed on anymore, so what’s the point?

    Young and naive…….that’s all they are.

  3. It was all over the news back around September 16 2015 General Lloyd J. Austin – Head of Central Command –
    admitted the United States had spent
    $ 500 million on training ” 4 or 5 Syrian soldiers”
    Remember that ?
    I do and just looked it up.

  4. How about the USA fixing the roads here , with all the paper money we waste on bullshit wars we could take care of the needs of our own . Next fck head that vote on More crap needs to go and fight they war with there own family’s I bet it would stop

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