US Marine Corps is being Punked by Mexico

Marine Vet, Jon Hammer, of south Florida was arrested back in August by the corrupt Mexican government.  Hammer was headed to Costa Rica to go surfing.  He had recently received an antique shotgun which belonged to his great-grandfather and he apparently intended on doing some hunting as a part of his vacation.

The shotgun was declared and cleared by US Customs before he crossed the border but of course the Mexican Customs just on the other side seized Hammer’s gun and arrested him, saying his antique shotgun was a military weapon.  It has since been acknowledged that the shotgun was not on the so called forbidden list in Mexico, yet Hammer remains detained, telling his parents via phone conversations that he is chained to a bed.

This incident has no doubt been orchestrated for the sole purpose of facilitating the socialist Mexico’s attempt to force gun restrictions upon we American nationals.  Think about it.  How many Mexican drug gang bangers will cross into the United States today, armed with fully automatic assault rifles and grenade launchers?  And they will go completely unmolested.

What has happened to the US Marine Corps?  Are they to be punked by the Mexican government?  How about an ultimatum from the highest echelons of the Marine Corps like, “You have three days to bring Jon Hammer and his shotgun back to the United States, unharmed or the United States Marines will go into Mexico and take him back, killing anyone stupid enough to get in our way.”

But we can’t have that can we?  I mean Americans actually taking up the sword to defend Americans.  A US Navy Seal was killed last week rescuing a doctor in Afghanistan who entered that war zone with full understanding as to the hazard.  This doctor was probably a spy so the sacrifice of life to retrieve him has been justified.

Our southern border is being overrun with ever increasing incidents of cross border incursions by Mexican military and the US Marine Corps are standing down under the orders of the treasonous insurgents that have taken over our government.  I think the Marines might want to ask themselves if they have been reduced to nothing more than lapdogs of the corporate elite.

How many guns did Eric Holder sell in Mexico and then afterwards tell the US Congress to stick their subpoenas in their asses?

Those in our military need to wake up to what is going on around them as they are being used, abused, and then thrown away.  And what kind of brotherhood can possibly still exist within the Marine Corps if they will allow one of their own to be chained to a bed in a Mexican jail as a part of a socialist propaganda campaign designed to dissolve US sovereignty, remove the 2nd Amendment of our Bill of Rights, disarm, and enslave us?

Those in the positions to do so need to make some decisions, knowing that we American sovereigns will support them 100% in securing our borders and restoring constitutional law and order in the United States.  What say you, Marines, are you going to allow your corps to be punked by the Mexicans?

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “US Marine Corps is being Punked by Mexico

  1. Dear Mr. Shivley,

    What can I do to help?

    You can respond here, or send me an email (you have my email address already).

    Notes On Your Article:

    99.999% Of All Marines go to serve with the intention of “Serving & Protecting America”. We tend to know nothing about the real reasons we get send into war zones, only the ones pushed by the Propaganda Ministry.

    We are taught “History’s, Customs And Courtesies Of the Corps” while in boot, and they certainy mention the service time deeds of Smedly Butler,… the Highest Decorated US Marine in our nations history,.. however they never bother to mention why Smedly finally resigned from the Corps, nor what he really did afterwards when he was approached to form a military arm to overthrow the US Gov’t by likes of the Duponts, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, JP Morgan and so.

    Smedly’s own attitude,.. and this was in the 1930’s,.. is that he turned out to be nothing more than a “high class hitman” for the wealthy elite and corporations, as he blatantly states so in his 1935 book: “War Is A Racket”.

    So your comment that we US Marines are being used and thrown away is more than fair,… it is in fact an understatement of hugh proportions.

    JD – US Marines – Brother Marines,.. we have a man down,.. time to rally.

    1. JD,
      I guess to start with if you have the capability, start facebooking and emailing every Marine you can make contact with. I am not a veteran so I am not aware as to how Marines stay connected once they leave the service. But I would think you might want to direct your efforts towards those whom you have served under. I do not know how the command structure works. I would like to believe that there is an officer in the highest echelons of the Marine Corps that still believes in the institution. This would be the man to lead the effort. That is the best I can do.

      1. Hi Mr. Shivley,

        Ok,.. thank you.

        I appreciate you sharing those suggestions,.. and letting me know the limits of your capacity in this regard.

        As Marines,.. we never care about what people would “like” to do,.. we’re only concerned with “what you can do”, so we know exactly what we have to work with.

        This allows to us to Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome with what is at hand, and NOT make any excuses because we were “expecting” someone else to do more.

        Thank you again – JD – US Marines

  2. Yeah, this double standard thing has a lot to say! For instance, right after the Iraq war (get the timing!!!!), 700,000 illegals out in the protest…. and you see some of them out there with placards saying ”WE KILL THE GRINGO!!!” Now, just suppose that me, as a white, or that a black person started carrying around a placard that said, ”WE KILL THE WETBACK!” Imagine!!!!! it looks like we are going to war with mexico again!

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