US Military Caught Manipulating Social Media, Running Mass Propaganda Accounts

us-military-psyop-social-mediaStory Leak – by Anthony Gucciardi 

It has been common knowledge to anyone paying attention within the alternative news community for years, but once again the media is now admitting that the US military and intelligence agencies are indeed running massive propaganda campaigns that cover a vast array of online networks. 

How many times now has such ‘conspiracy nonsense’ now been reported years later by the mega media as undeniable fact? In the case of the US intelligence propaganda machine that even the New York Times has covered in an article entitled ‘The Real War on Reality‘, we are seeing just that. The New York Times report goes on to detail information uncovered from hacked data regarding the military operation to stage ‘grassroots’ responses and organizations in order to deceive via psyop.  Professor of philosophy Peter Ludlow writes for the Times:  

“The hack also revealed evidence that Team Themis was developing a “persona management” system — a program, developed at the specific request of the United States Air Force, that allowed one user to control multiple online identities (“sock puppets”) for commenting in social media spaces, thus giving the appearance of grass roots support.  The contract was eventually awarded to another private intelligence firm.”

This cyber warfare is clearly not just in the capacity of ‘improving international reputation’ as military commanders are claiming on record (just like there is ‘no such thing’ as domestic spying and it’s only for terrorists). Instead, we’re talking about running a major network of computers that are constantly running code specifically written to post to social media and news comment pages. Something that was revealed all the way back in 2011 by RawStory and brushed off in the name of national security by the military.


And remember, this is the same military that says political activists are terrorists and need to be targeted. At the highest levels, combating ‘terrorism’ simply means going after law-abiding citizens and journalists — especially so-called ‘leakers’. With propaganda scripts that run 24/7 and are intended to discredit people like Edward Snowden, top level intelligence agencies are teaming up with the military to combat whistleblowers through such phony means.

An excerpt from a particularly concerning summary of a recent German report on how political activists are targeted reads:

“The targets of these attacks are scientists… It does not stop at skirmishes in the scientific community. Hackers regularly target various web pages. Evaluations of IP log files show that not only Monsanto visits the pages regularly, but also various organizations of the U.S. government, including the military. These include the Navy Network Information Center, the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Army Intelligence Center, an institution of the US Army, which trains soldiers with information gathering.”

Now admittedly the news is not getting nearly as much coverage as it should, especially when considering it highlights two essential points:

1. This means that the United States military and intelligence communities are highly afraid of alternative networks and the overall public perception when it comes to the United States government and the state of the corrupt political mafia at large.

2. This also means that the United States military and intelligence agencies are losing the informational battle, and the only way they can even fight back is to run a conglomerate of fake accounts attacking legitimate users and journalists. You know, the terrorists that dare to question anything.

Social media pages, comment systems on top news websites, and various other areas online are the targets of a pinpointed ‘cyber psyop’ by a government that simply can’t answer real questions. And instead of actually doing anything about the outrage, disinformation campaigns are of utmost priority.

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9 thoughts on “US Military Caught Manipulating Social Media, Running Mass Propaganda Accounts

  1. You can see the evidence of this in the comment section below any news article that allows comments (very few of them allow mine).

    One government shill after another declaring that guns should be gone, the constitution is no longer valid, we need the Mexicans here, and Obamacare will save us all from bad medicine.

    Remember that when you’re looking at the comments under an article it’s usually NOT the opinions of your fellow Americans that you’re reading, but instead it’s just another tool that’s being used to deceive the American people.

  2. Jolly Roger, I wish that were true. To be honest, I don’t know what the truth is about who is writing the comments. I’m sure there are many paid shills. That, I do believe. But I’m not sure there aren’t also many genuine opinions of my fellow Americans.

    Most of my family and many people I am acquainted with in my community express to me their enthusiasm for Obamacare, their compassion and support for undocumented immigrants, and their disdain for the “gun nuts” who insist on their need for anything other than hunting rifles (if they are a legitimate sportsman). And they believe our government is there to protect us, and that they have nothing to hide nor do they need to worry about SWAT team raids, because they aren’t doing anything wrong.

    I am just saying, I run into these types of comments in real life, quite frequently, where I happen to live. I try to gently inject a bit of questioning doubt, to get them to consider a different way of viewing things, and so far it has been hopeless. So I might have a skewed perspective, but it seems to me that it is possible there are quite a few real people commenting on articles, giving their true opinions.

    1. I don’t know what faggot place you live at, but I can tell you that the only people putting up with this shit at this point in the ball game are those so weak and cowardly that they are insignificant to the outcome.
      Here where I live, literally everyone is preparing to fight. And as for your “gently injecting a bit of questioning doubt”, if I hear anybody spout any of this stupidity, I will cuss them down and condemn them as the seditious cowards they are. And I will let them know that their sorry asses are bound for a deportation barge.
      The gun sales numbers alone prove the enormity of our numbers. We do not need these cowards and they are not going to be allowed to stay once we have fought and died to restore our Republic.
      Either you need to get out more, or you are intentionally trying to spread the communist lie of overwhelming numbers of those ready to acquiesce to communism. Which is it?

      1. I live in the liberal, close-in suburbs of DC, in Maryland, and I am being completely honest about what I see and hear. I sure didn’t mean to offend. Though I don’t begrudge your asking, and I can see why you would. I am only sharing my perspective and not trying to provoke. I am on this site because it is a breath of fresh air to me; where I live I know no one who can handle anything more than a gentle approach to awakening. Everyone is so danged intellectually caught up in being right that they are immune to reason. This is most of my family and friends and coworkers. This is the community I was born into and grew up in, and I no longer fit in, though I once thought I did. I figure, if I could wake up, then so could others, and I try to do my part. And I really, really like what I see here on your site. I appreciate your being here, and everyone else who posts here.

        I am truly glad to hear otherwise from people who live all around the country — but this is what it is like here. I was being totally honest, based on what I live each day.

        So I guess the truth probably is, I need to get out more.

        There is definitely no intention on my part to spread anything that is a lie. Especially a communist lie.

  3. There are a number of “Truth” seekers out there with the same doubts & fears as you do & that’s great because it shows your true concern for the direction this country is taking. It’s the Evil Elitist Hoard’s job to keep us off balance & confused, that’s how they keep hiding behind the Govt smoke & mirrors. Do not stop questioning & seeking the “Truth”!…….. I’m going to keep reminding all of you to expose the CIA & Evergreen Air spraying chemicals into our atmosphere. I’m looking at the chemtrails outside through my window as I write this email. The spraying is more frequent & as time goes on so is the intensity… I live in the Seattle area & the area for miles is loaded with HAARP weather control microwave towers, WAR WITH WEATHER CONTROL!!!Continue to fight for Freedom, LIberty, Truth & Justice

    1. Haven’t you heard? Joe Rogen says that Haarp and Chemtrails are lunatic conspiracies. That Joe is one sharp tool, emphasis on tool….

  4. Anyone else notice the logo for Ben Swanne media project is an eye of Horus? It seems a bit too coincidental, especially for someone who is in the know.

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